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Atari Asteroids Video Game
14th April - Atari Asteroids - this updated page now includes a history of the game, extra pics and a free online version you can play.
Frogger Game
12th April - Frogger - you'll now find lots of extra info about the original 80s game, as well as still being able to play it for free on this updated page.
Gary Numan 80s Songs
11th April - Gary Numan - this updated page now includes a new video playlist, new photos and extra info about the 80s synthpop king - take a look!
Captain Sensible in the 80s
9th April - Captain Sensible - watch the videos for all three of the lunatic's 80s hits - Happy Talk, Wot! and Glad It's All Over - on this brand new page.
80s Sneakers - Training Shoes
7th April - 80s Trainers - Sneakers - which brand did you wear? Adidas, Nike, Puma or maybe Converse? On this page you'll find photos of some original footwear from the 80s.
Latest 80s Tees
6th April - Latest 80s T-Shirt designs for 2014. Take a look at the most recent tees with an eighties retro theme.
80s British TV Game SHows
4th April - 80s British TV Game Shows - this updated page now features The Great Egg Race, a playlist and extra photos.
80s Transformers Toys and Comics
3rd April - Transformers Toys - which one of these did you play with back in the 80s? Maybe you preferred the Marvel comics?
Jimbo and the Jet Set cartoon
1st April - Jimbo And The Jet-Set - a look back at this fondly-remembered 80s cartoon set in an airport. Do you remember all the character's names?
80s Cartoon T-Shirt Ideas for Adults
31st March - 80s Cartoon T-Shirt Ideas - a brand new page which I hope will give you some inspiration for what to wear this summer.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
29th March - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - a new playlist, photos and info have been added to this updated page.
Blue Band Margarine
27th March - 80s British TV Adverts - this revamped page now features more old ads, photos and extra info.
26th March - Play School - this updated page now features more info about the presenters (with photos) as well as a new video playlist.
24th March - The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop - revisit this silent movie style, early 70s cartoon which was a Wacky Races spin-off.
23rd March - Tomorrow's World - this revamped page now includes info about the BBC  science programme's presenters in the 80s with photos.
21st March - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - a review of the witty 1986 teen movie by John Hughes.
20th March - DeLorean DMC-12 a look at the iconic 80s car that featured in the Back To The Future movies.
19th March - DEC Computer Terminals. A look back at these futuristic looking, but pretty basic machines from the 70s and 80s.
18th March - 80s Fancy Dress for Ladies - going to an 80s party or festival? Check out what new items have just been added.
16th March - UB40 - Promises And Lies - watch videos to all the singles from the reggae band's best-selling album on this brand new page.
15th March - Laurel And Hardy - spending the school holiday's watching the funniest comedy duo of all-time on BBC2 was pure bliss!
14th March - Vauxhall Cavalier - take a look at our new video playlist and photos of this retro family car.
12th March - 80s Crimped Hair and spiral perms - some inspiration for creating this memorable style for an 80s party/festival.
11th March - Jet Boot Jack - a review of the popular 1983 platform game by English Software with photos and video clips.
10th March - Spy Hunter - a review of the action-packed, overhead driving game by Bally Midway which hit the arcades in 1983.
8th March - MSX Computers - a look back at Microsoft's attempt to dominate the home computer market in the 80s.
7th March - Zaxxon - you can now watch dozens of video clips of the classic video game, and many new photos have been also added to the page.
5th March - Lotus Esprit Turbo - this page now includes a new video playlist, extra photos and slideshows.
3rd March - Ska and 2 Tone Clothing - inc. costumes for fancy dress, T-shirts, trousers and accessories.
1st March - 80s Fashion - this updated page includes new links, photos and a video playlist. See what's new!
27th Feb - 80s Film and TV T-Shirts - show you appreciation for your favourite classic movie or TV show.
25th Feb - I Love The 80s T-Shirts - show your love for the great decade with one of these stylish tees.
23rd Feb - Keith Chegwin - pop, brown sauce and a cycling safety film - find out how cheggers is linked to all of them!
22nd Feb - Grandstand - If you weren't watching World Of Sport on ITV on a Saturday afternoon, then you were probably watching Grandstand - can you remember the presenters in the 70s and 80s?
21st Feb - Rod Stewart - this page now includes a brand new video playlist featuring Rod's biggest singles, along with more single and album sleeve pics and info.
20th Feb - Shalamar - on this new page you can watch all of the group's best 80s videos, inc. bodypopping on Top Of The Pops in 1982. Plus, lots of photos and facts.
18th Feb - Leggings and Footless Tights - there are now two pages of the latest 80s style leggings to have a gander at.
17th Feb - Retro Gaming Mugs Check out our brand new page featuring mugs with an 8-bit gaming theme.
15th Feb - Ragtime - Fred Harris and Maggie Henderson presented this kids TV series which ran for two seasons in the 70s.
14th Feb - Noah And Nelly in SkylArk. Remember this cartoon? The series hasn't been aired since 1980 in the UK.
13th Feb - Spagna - This revamped page now includes an 80s video playlist and lots of extra photos/info. Plus, find out what she's up to now.
12th Feb - New pics, info and a video playlist featuring every major 80s hit have now been added to the Spandau Ballet page.
10th Feb - Status Quo - In The Army Now - a review of the 1986 album and the singles, with sleeve photos and video clips.
9th Feb - Blue Max - a review of the classic computer game from Synapse Software which was released for the Atari 8-bits, C64 and ZX Spectrum.
7th Feb - Suzi Quatro - you'll now find a new video playlist, extra info and many more photos of the rocker's 70s album and single sleeves.
6th Feb - Old Cartoons - this page now includes Mighty Mouse and Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch with new video clips and pictures.
4th Feb - Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine - this page had been revamped to include a playlist of 80s songs, lots of photos and extra info.
2nd Feb - Old TV Ads for Chocolate Bars - this page has been updated to include a video playlist and more photos of old chocolate bars from the 70s and 80s.
1st Feb - Inner City - we were having Big Fun and a Good Life dancing to this duo back in the late 80s!
30th Jan - Huey Lewis & The News - brand new page featuring all the band's hits of the 80s, with videos, album reviews, lots of photos and info.

Cheer up girls, you're in Bananarama

80s Cars - Ford Cortina MarK V estate
Old Cars

They were often unreliable and prone to rust, but there are still many of us who are very fond of the old cars from the 70s and 80s. So which were your favourites? To help you decide, you'll find lots of photos of classic and not-so classic cars, inc. models by British Leyland, as well as sports cars and some American cars, too. Plenty of car photos and plenty of memories, too - visit the 80s Cars page.
Jaws game from the 70s
Childhood Toys & Games

Some of these are going to bring the memories of your childhood flooding back! Read about the most popular toys and games from both the 1970s and 80s including Subbuteo, BigTrak, Action Man, Cabbage Patch Dolls and many more on the 80s Toys page.
Frogger Game

Eighties Video Games

Computer games were a lot simpler back in the 1980s, but they were also a lot more accessible. Frogger, Defender and Pac-Man were particular favourites of mine, and you can access many old classics on this page and play online for free, as well as read reviews of other computer games from the 80s.

80s Computers - Commodore Vic 20
Retro Computers

The 1980s saw the beginning of the home computing revolution, a time when many of us actually learned how to program our computers. Which games consoles and computers did you use back in the 80s? From the very simple ZX80 to the highly popular, 16 bit Commodore Amiga, they can all be found on the 80s Computers page.
80s Fashion - Duran Duran
80s Fashion

So what did you wear in the eighties? This page features crazy New Romantic big hair and quiff hair styles for men, Parachute Pants, Don Johnson (from Miami Vice) in his white suits, "Choose Life" T-shirts, pixie boots, boxer shorts, Ray Bans, big spectacles - the list goes on! Did you have 80s style or were you like me, an 80s fashion disaster!
80s Sweets - Chewits
Retro Sweets & Chocolate

These video clips and photos will help you to relive your 70s or 80s childhood, and on this page you can look at bucketloads of old-fashioned confectionary from the past, some of which has now disappeared, and some of which is still being made today. The question is, did you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?
Knight Rider title card
70s and 80s TV Shows

Is it just me, or was there much more to watch on the TV when we were kids? Although we only had three TV channels here in the UK, there was always something decent to watch, and this page features links to dozens of pages about both British and American TV Shows
from yesteryear. Were you a Dukes Of Hazzard fan, or maybe Charlie's Angels was more your thang?
80s Boombox
Eightes Music Videos

The 1980s saw the birth of the music video revolution, thanks mainly to MTV. Here you'll find a complete A-Z of all the music video pages on the Simply Eighties site. It's an ever-growing list, and you find everything from ABBA to ZZ Top. Most of the videos are official (where available), and I've hand-picked the best quality ones from Youtube. From New Wave to 80s power ballads, they're all here!
title page from Ceefax
80s Technology

So who had a trim phone? Actually, we never had one of these as we weren't posh enough - just a plain old, standard cream dial telephone for us! Anyway, on the 80s technology page I have written about my own experiences with VHS tapes, an Amstrad TV, CB Radio and a lot more besides

Polaroid The Button Camera
80s Gadgets

So what gadgets couldn't we live without during the 1980s? Actually, we could live without them a darn sight better than than people do these days. Now that's either because the gadgets were rubbish, or because we were made of sterner stuff. Whatever your thoughts, here you'll find lots of pictures and facts about digital watches, instant cameras, VCR's and Sodastream.

80s Fashion - Party Outfit for Girls
80s clothing - neon keep fit
80s T-Shirt
Please note that, sadly, the T-shirt featured is no longer being made,
but please visit the link below to see many more exciting designs.
80s style wayfarer neon sunglasses

What were people protecting their eyes with back in the 80s? Actually, some styles didn't protect the eyes at all and were worn purely as a fashion accessory. From Ray-Bans to shutter shades, on this revamped page I look back at the wide variety of styles that were worn in the eighties.  

Top Ten
Most Popular Pages
Samantha Fox in the 80s

Sam was a page 3 model in the Sun newspaper for just three years, before launching a pop music career with "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" which hit the No.1 spot in no less than 17 countries!

Kylie and Jason
What a soppy lot you are! After all these years you still can't get enough of the ex-Neighbours stars looking sweetly into each other eyes.
80s Fashion - Baggy Pants

From neon-coloured leg warmers to the "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirt, this page is crammed full of in your face fashions from the 1980's.

Linda Lusardi - 80s Celebrities

Glamour model Linda Lusardi went on to become a TV presenter and actress, and you'll be pleased to know that you can find out what happened to her, along with and lots of other famous folk from the 80s on this page.

Retro 80s Chocolate - Minstrels
Retro chocolate still remains in the top ten and it would seem that we would all gladly be transported back to our childhood to experience those long-forgotten sweet delights!
ABC (band) in the 80s

Fronted by Martin Fry, this sophisti-pop 80s band had the now legendary Trevor Horn to thank for launching their musical career. You can immerse yourself in their quality sound once more on this page.

Soft Cell in the 80s

Marc Almond and Dave Ball released some very memorable tunes during the eighties, and you can watch the synthpop duo's original videos on this page, inc, their biggest hit "Tainted Love".

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

They came and went in the blink of an eye, and this crazy post-punk band managed just one hit album and three Top 40 singles. Featuring a whole array of sound effects, Love Missile F1-11 was their biggest-seller, and now you can enjoy listening to it once more.

80s Comedy Double-Acts

So whatever happened to Hale and Pace? They were controversial at the time, and you can see them again along with some other memorable comedy duos.

Rod Hull & Emu

Only this guy could get away with shoving his arm up a bird's backside for a laugh, and being in the top ten must mean that plenty of people still have fond memories of his crazy antics.

80s Fashion - Olivia Newton John

Let's Get Physical - Not Half!