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8th Dec 2016

Create a Low-Cost E.T. or Elliot Costume

The official costumes are expensive. We will show you how to easily create a cheaper alternative.


7th Dec 2016


A look back at the 70s and 80s TV ads for the popular chocolate-covered biscuit bar.


5th Dec 2016


Our latest 80s fashion blog post features some eye-catching ghetto blaster themed bags.


3rd Dec

Out Run Free Games

We've added two different online versions of the classic Ferrari racing game which can be played for free on any device.


1st Dec


A new HTML5 version of the classic game Tetris which can be played on any device.


29th Nov


Five low cost party outfit ideas which won't clear your bank account!


28th Nov

Collapse Blast! Free Game

A brand new game for all devices. Clear the coloured blocks before they reach the top of the screen.


Create a fun fancy dress outfit for men or women using our latest blog post.


22nd Nov


A review of the classic 1980s computer game in which the player had to reach the top of a revolving tower.


19th Nov


Original video, lyrics and essential facts about the band's biggest hit song from 1986.


16th Nov

Rubik's Cube Costumes for Adults

A look at various outfits and the benefits and negatives of each one. Ideal for 80s dress-up.


15th Nov


Remember the 1988 one hits wonder "Rush Hour"? What has the singer/songwriter been up to since then?


11th Nov


A top ten playlist featuring the top single from 1980-1989, including extra facts about each one.


Discover the many ways to dress as the 80s cartoon female superhero and the best places to buy costumes on our latest blog post.



What were the most popular singles in 1985? Find out on our new page which includes a video playlist.


2nd Nov

Toys and Games we Received for Christmas

On today's blog post, I take a look back at a few traditional toys that we played with during the festive season in the 1970s and 80s.


31st Oct

80s Funk Punk Costume for Women

Our latest blog post features a fabulous-looking skull and crossbones costumes with an eighties vibe, available in standard and plus sizes.


28th Oct

The Little Professor

You may have received this reverse calculator for Christmas back in the 1970s or 80s. On this brand new page, I take a look back at this clever toy for kids.


25th OcT


Following the untimely death of 80s pop starPete Burns, we've updated our Dead Or Alive page with new material to celebrate the band's music from the 1980s.

22nd Oct


The latest post on our fashion blog takes a look at tees celebrating the classic hit song by Simple Minds which featured in The Breakfast Club film. 

21st Oct


A look back at the influential American cop drama from the 1980s, including that very memorable theme tune.

17th Oct

Ideas for 80s Party Decorations

If you're throwing a party, then read our latest blog post to gain inspiration on how to decorate your room.


14th OcT

ZZ Top

This updated page has now doubled in size and includes Eliminator and Afterburner album reviews, and new photos - take a look!


10th Oct


A brand new page packed full to the brim with photos of Volkswagen camper vans.


6th Oct

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

A look back at the martial arts beat 'em up from the late 1980s, with video clips and screenshots.


4th Oct


A look back at the many fashion styles of the year, including pics of Princess Diana, Duran Duran, Human League, Martin Kemp, Gary Numan and more besides.


1st Oct

80s Party Balloons and Hanging Lanterns

Perfect for adding the finishing touches to the decor of your party venue.


Get lots of scary fancy dress ideas in our latest blog post. 



For the latest post on our separate blog, we take a look back at some popular mags from the great decade - how many of these do you remember?

26th Sept


Add these gorgeous accessories to your costume to make it look totally eighties!


25th Sept

Retro Watches

Take a gander at our new section featuring wristwatches with a retro or vintage theme, inc. calculator, Data Bank, LED, 1970s and 80s designs.


23rd Sept 2016


A review of the early 80s space-themed comedy which was penned by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie.


21st Sept


We've totally revamped the retro and vintage gifts section, and you'll now discover many more great ideas for birthday's, Christmas presents etc.


17th Sept

80s Nostalgia Books

There are lots of new titles in our revamped and updated books section. Come and take a gander! 


14th Sept

How to Create a Goonies Sloth Costume

for less than half the cost of the official costume! Find out how on our latest blog post.


13th Sept


Take a look back at the children's sports challenge series which aired on BBC1 in the 1970s and 80s.


11th Sept


Get ready for the party season with the latest inspirational post on our 80s fashion blog.


9th Sept

Junior Giscombe 80s Songs

This updated page features more info about hits by Junior, including "Mama Used to Say" and "Another Step (Closer To You)" with Kim Wilde.


6th SepT

The Cars - Drive

The classic electro ballad from 1985 which became a big hit after an electrifying performance at Live Aid.


3rd Sept


This revamped UK section now features many more costume ideas with links to trused sites inc. Amazon and FancyDress.com


1st Sept


Feast your eyes on this brand new, bone-chilling section which features a wide range of scary T-shirts with a retro horror/Halloween theme.


30th Aug

Stir Crazy

A review (with original trailer) of the zany comedy movie from 1980 which starred Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.


27th Aug

80s Bags

There are now well over 100 retro bags in our revamped section inc. Take a look!


25th Aug

80s Costumes for Women - Top 25 Ideas

An inspirational list of ideas that will help you to quickly find an outfit for a 1980s themed event.


23rd Aug

KC and the Sunshine Band - Give It Up

A look back at the band's chart-topping, feel-good post-disco anthem from 1983.


20th Aug


A new page full of photos featuring Morten Harket and the rest of the Norwegian pop band. A must-see for fans!


18th Aug


The actor and singer was a regular on our TV screens in the late 80s and early 90s, but what is he up to these days?


16th Aug


This much improved page now features a new playlist, and extra info about the group's singles with sleeve photos.


14th Aug


Celebrate the iconic 1975 film with an official or unofficial Tee. You'll find oodles of designs on this brand new page.


11th Aug

The Tube - Channel 4

The cult 80s music show became essential viewing for music fans fed up with mainstream alternatives. 




A look back at the flamboyant hairstyles and clothing worn by rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Poison, Whitesnake and Guns N' Roses.


6th Aug

Jackie Magazine

It was once the most popular teen magazine in the UK. You can rekindle some fond memories of the mag on this brand new page.


4th Aug

Fashion Trends in the Early 80s

Our latest blog post takes a look at permed hair, furry dice, membrane touch pads, digital watches and more.


2nd Aug 2016

The Karate Kid

The original movie trailer with a review of the classic, coming of age martial arts film from 1984.

31st July - Miami Vice T-shirts - dig out your loafers and roll up your jacket sleeves and take a look at our brand new section of tees relating to the iconic, 1980s TV series.
29th July - Bubble Bobble - If you're on a PC then you can now play the free online version of the classic 80s platformer - no download required. 
27th July - Retro TV Test Card T-shirts - we all remember the girl playing noughts and crosses with the clown don't we? Now you can wear the test card on your chest!
26th July - Mario Jump - Free online game for your PC. Help mario save the princess from a sinking island by jumping onto moving platforms. 
24th July - Lemmings Free Game - we have now added an online version of Lemmings which is free to play on any device. No download is required - play now!
23rd July - Quick and Easy Tutu Costume Sets - Ideal for 80s dress-up, hen parties and fun runs. find out more in our latest blog post.
22nd July - Manic Miner T-shirts - discover where to buy them on our latest blog post. Show your affection for the classic 1983 platformer featuring miner Willy. 
20th July - New Kids On The Block - a look back at the boy band in the 80s and 90s with full playlist. Plus, what are they up to now?
18th July - Kate Bush "Babooshka". A look back at the 1980 hit song, examining the quirky video and the lyrics.
16th July - 80s Fancy Dress for Women - take a look at our completely revamped UK costumes section which now features many more ideas.
14th July - My Little Pony Costumes and Accessories - get ideas on how to create an outfit, or use a ready-made costume. Ideal for 80s dress-up.
12th July - Mario T-shirts - lots of designs from across the web all in one place. Themes include Super Mario, Donkey Kong, characters from games etc.
11th July - Atari ST - a look back at the first 16 bit home computer, which launched in 1985. Plus, we examine that age old Amiga vs ST debate.
8th July - Whatever Happened to Norman Barrett? The circus ringmaster became a household name in the 70s and 80s, but where is he now?
6th July - Ghettoblaster Bags - a page full of stylish bags with a 1980s boombox theme, including tote, shoulder/messenger, laptop etc. These designs have to be seen!
5th July - Ghostbusters T-shirts - our new and improved page now includes tees from Redbubble and Shirts.com, and you'll find many unique designs.
4th July - Back To The Future T-shirts - a brand new page bursting with T-shirt ideas to celebrate the iconic 80s movie shich starred Michael J. Fox and Marty McFly.
2nd July - Doctor Who Tardis T-shirts - if you're a Whovian then you really need to see this brand new page!
30th June 2016 - Donkey Kong T-shirts - you'll go bananas for one of these tees which celebrate the classic, 1980s platformer game featuring Mario and that angry gorilla!
29th June - Whatever Happened to Adamski? After just three hit singles, (including the awesome "KIller" single with seal on vocals) the keyboard wizard seemed to disappear off the radar - where is he now? 
27th June - Odyssey - Inside Out - a look back at the classic new wave soul hit from 1982. Features the original video, lyrics and vinyl sleeve photos.
24th June - Space Invaders T-shirts - celebrate the classic arcade game from 1978. This brand new section features a wide range of designs for both men and women.
22nd June - Phoenix Revenge - a real blast from the past with this free online flash game based on the classic space shooter Phoenix from 1980.
20th June - Madonna Material Girl Costume - create the iconic pink dress oufit as worn by both Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, which is ideal for both 1950s and 1980s dress-up.
18th June - Daley Thompson's Decathlon - a review of the classic computer game by Ocean Software from 1984.
16th June - 80s Typewriter T-shirts - retro and vintage designs featuring manual and electric typewriters, which are ideal if you are looking for something a little quirky.

14th June - The Goodies - it's been a long time in coming, but we've finally got around to adding a page about this zany comedy series which aired on BBC2 in the 70s. 

12th June - Space Hopper T-shirts - celebrate the iconic, bouncy toy from the 1970s with one of these most splendid tees. 

10th June - Magazines from 1985 - including Blitz, Blue Jeans, Jamming!, Jackie, The Hit, Guitarist and more.

8th June - Wacky Races T-shirts - big range of tees in this brand new section inc. Dastardly & Muttley, Penelope Pitstop etc. 

6th June - 80s Fun Girl Costume - dress up as Cyndi Lauper  - we'll show you how with two different costumes and accessories.

2nd June - Gary Moore & Phil Lynott - Out In The Fields - the hit song from 1985 with original video, lyrics and record sleeve photo. 

30th May - Dead Or Alive - this updated page now includes a new video playlist, new photos and extra info about the band.

28th May - Mr. Bean - a full playlist of every episode. Plus, lots of pictures and essential facts about the much-loved, British comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson. 

25th May - Blondie and Debbie Harry T-shirts - find out where to get the best designs at low prices - there are lots of ideas in this brand new section.

23rd May - London Boys - a brand new page featuring all the hits by the duo. Plus, record sleeve photos and whatever happened to them? 

19th May - Knight Lore - a review of the classic action-adventure computer game from 1984, which featured unique, isometric graphics.

17th May - Godley & Creme - this brand new page features the duo's hit songs from the 80s, including Under Your Thumb, Wedding Bells and Cry. Plus, record sleeve photos and essential facts. 

14th May - 80s Fair Isle Jumpers and Cardigans - they have been en vogue again in recent times, but back in the day we wouldn't have been seen dead in a fair isle sweater! 

13th May - Fame the Musical Logo T-shirts - an updated post featuring the latest designs available. 

12th May - 80s Fashion Pictures from 1984 - our latest fashion post takes a look at celebrities and the trends they helped to create in 1984. 

11th May - Ray-Ban Sunglasses in the 80s - a look back at how the world famous brand reinvented itself after a slump in sales. This link takes you to 80sfashion.clothing.

10th May - Captain Caveman T-shirts - the latest post on our 80s Fashion blog explores where to find tees featuring the retro cartoon character. 

8th May - The Lost Boys - a full review of the 1987 comedy horror film which featured many young 80s movie stars. Includes video trailer.

7th May - How To Create A Terminator Costume - Become a T-800 in the latest post on our 80s Fashion section for both UK and US visitors. 

4th May - A-Z of 80s Cartoon T-shirts - take a look at this revamped section which is now in a convenient A-Z format. 

3rd May 2016 - Henry's Cat - a review of the much-loved, 80s animation featuring a laid back cat and his friends. Includes video clip. 

29th April - 80s Wall Art Ideas - your walls deserve art, and our post explores posters and prints with an eighties theme. 

24th April - How to Create an 80s Punk Costume. The latest post from our fashion blog is packed with ideas on creating an anarchic look.

22nd April - Prince Tribute - following his untimely death, we take a look back at the numerous songs and albums released by Prince in the 80s inc. Purple Rain, When Doves Cry etc. 

20th April - 80s Party Stickers - the latest post on our blog discusses stickers with an 80s theme and their many uses, 

19th April - Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere - a look back at the hit song from the multi-platinum album Tango in the Night, with video, lyrics and sleeve photo. 

18th April - 80s T-shirts for Ladies UK - we've added lots of new designs to this section - many tees are under £10. Take a look at what's new!

15th April - Eurythmics - this new and improved page now features even more info about the duo in the 80s with video playlist, album and single sleeve photos.

10th April - Free Defender Game - an online version of the classic 1981 game which you can play on your PC. 

8th April - Funny 80s T-shirt Ideas - the latest post on our 80s Fashion blog. Ideal for this year's music festivals. 

Cheer up girls, you're in Bananarama




What were people protecting their eyes with back in the 80s? Actually, some styles didn't protect the eyes at all and were worn purely as a fashion accessory. From Ray-Bans to shutter shades, on this revamped page I look back at the wide variety of styles that were worn in the eighties.  

Some of these are going to bring the memories of your childhood flooding back! Read about the most popular toys and games from both the 1970s and 80s including Subbuteo, BigTrak, Action Man, Cabbage Patch Dolls and a whole lot more on the 80s Toys page.
They were often unreliable and prone to rust, but there are still many of us who are very fond of the old cars from the 70s and 80s. So which were your favourites? To help you decide, you'll find lots of photos of classic and not-so classic cars, inc. models by British Leyland, as well as sports cars and some American cars, too. Plenty of car photos and plenty of memories, too - visit the 80s Cars page.
Computer games were a lot simpler back in the 1980s, but they were also a lot more accessible. Frogger, Defender and Pac-Man were particular favourites of mine, and you can access many old classics on this page and play online for free, as well as read reviews of other computer games from the 80s.
The 1980s saw the beginning of the home computing revolution, a time when many of us actually learned how to program our computers. Which games consoles and computers did you use back in the 80s? From the very simple ZX80 to the highly popular, 16 bit Commodore Amiga, they can all be found on the 80s Computers page.
So what did you wear in the eighties? This page features the outrageous clothing being worn in the great decade including crazy New Romantic big hair and quiff hair styles for men, shoulder pads, ra-ra skirts, parachute pants, Don Johnson (from Miami Vice) in his white suits, "Choose Life" T-shirts, pixie boots, boxer shorts, Ray Bans, big spectacles - the list goes on! Did you have 80s style or were you like me, an 80s fashion disaster!
These video clips and photos will help you to relive your 70s or 80s childhood, and on this page you can look at bucketloads of old-fashioned confectionary from the past, some of which has now disappeared, and some of which is still being made today. The question is, did you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?

Is it just me, or was there much more to watch on the TV when we were kids? Although we only had three TV channels here in the UK, there was always something decent to watch, and this page features links to dozens of pages about both British and American TV Shows
from yesteryear. Were you a Dukes Of Hazzard fan, or maybe Charlie's Angels was more your thang?

The 1980s saw the birth of the music video revolution, thanks mainly to MTV. Here you'll find a complete A-Z of all the music video pages on the Simply Eighties site. It's an ever-growing list, and you find everything from ABBA to ZZ Top. Most of the videos are official (where available), and I've hand-picked the best quality ones from Youtube. From New Wave to 80s power ballads, they're all here!

So who had a trim phone? Actually, we never had one of these as we just weren't posh enough - just a plain old, standard cream dial telephone for us! Anyway, on the 80s technology page I have written about my own experiences with VHS tapes, an Amstrad TV, CB Radio and a lot more besides

So what gadgets couldn't we live without during the 1980s? Actually, we could live without them a darn sight better than than people do these days. Now that's either because the gadgets were rubbish, or because we were made of sterner stuff. Whatever your thoughts, here you'll find lots of pictures and facts about digital watches, instant cameras, VCR's and Sodastream.

Glamour model Linda Lusardi went on to become a TV presenter and actress, and you'll be pleased to know that you can find out what happened to lots of other famous folk from the 80s on this page.

Let's Get Physical - Not Half! 

80s Fashion - Olivia Newton John