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25th April 2017

Big and Bold Hairstyles - Pictures from the 80s

Our latest blog post features an array of outrageous hairstyles that hairspray company owners rubbing their hands together with joy!


23rd April

Mel & Kim "Respectable"

The official video, vinyl sleeve, lyrics and further facts about the No.1 single from 1988 which was Stock/Aitken/Waterman's second No.1 hit.


22nd April

50th Birthday Cards

Take a gander at our brand new section featuring a wide range of designs inc. handmade, funny, Mum, Dad themes etc.


20th April

Dynasty Puffed Sleeves Costume

Become an 80s soap star or create a power dressing style with help from our new blog post.


18th April 2017

Pink Panther Cartoons

You can now watch every official episode from the original 1960s/70s Pink Panther cartoon series. Plus, read more about the series.

17th April

Top 5 Forgotten Cartoons

Five cartoons from the 80s and 90s that you just may have forgotten about - with video. 


16th April

He-Man "Battlecat"

Watch a full, official episode from the second season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


15th April

Top 5 Favourite 80s Music Videos

Will you agree with this list? Which songs have made it to our top five?


14th April

The Real Ghostbusters

We revisit the popular 1980s spin-off cartoon from the 1984 film, which aired for 7 series from 1986 until 1991.


11th April


A nostalgic look back at the popular teen pop magazine which reached its peak in 1989 when Kylie and Jason graced its front cover.


9th April

Encounter! by Novagen

A look back at where it all began for Paul Woakes and Novagen. A review of the classic 3D combat game Encounter.


7th April

Eye-Catching Party Invitations

Ensure that everyone will want to go to your party with these stunning invites.


5th April 2017

Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy T-shirts

Our latest blog post takes a look at where to find tees relating to the classic 80s platformer games.


4th April

Pole Position

A review of the innovative 3D racing game which became the most popular coin-op arcade game of 1983.


1st April

Pac-Man T-shirts

Take a gander at out new Pac-Man tees section which features all the best designs from across the web.


29th March

Cockleshell Bay

The very British stop motion animation from the 1980s, featuring twins Robin and Rosie who lived in a guesthouse by the sea.


27th March

80s Skidz Pants

A look back at the American fashion fad which was particularly popular with streetwise skaters and surfer dudes.


24th March

The Beat "Can't Get Used To Losing You"

We take a look at the 2-tone band's final major hit of the 80s which reached #3 in 1983. Includes a Top of the Pops performance.


22nd March

Side Ponytails in the 80s

Our latest blog post delves into the strange world of an 80s fashion fad that keeps threatening to make a comeback!


20th March


A look back at the popular M.A.S.K. cartoon series and the accompanying toys from the 1980s.


18th March

Saisho at Dixons in the 1980s

Remember buying a Saisho radio cassette player for your car? Maybe you bought a Saisho boombox? Take a look back at the budget brand from the 80s.


17th March

Cartoon Couples

Donald and Daisy Duck, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and many other retro cartoon couples are discussed in our latest post - which were your favourites?


15th March

Help!...It's the Hair Bear Bunch!

A look back at the very amusing Hanna-Barbera cartoon set in Wonderland Zoo, and which first aired in 1971.


14th March

"I Love the 80s" Costumes for Women

In our latest blog post, we discuss how to create a fabulous 80s outfit and where to buy ready-made costumes.


11th March

10 Things That Make You an 80s Kid

Are you truly a child of the 80s? Here are ten essential items and events you needed to own or be involved in to qualify.


9th March

Quantum Leap

A look back at the time travelling sci-fi series which aired from 1989 and into the 90s.


7th March

Madonna 80s Costume Ideas

Our latest blog post takes a look at finding the best value Madonna outfits with a 1980s theme.


5th March

New Order

This updated page is now features extra info and images relating to the band's 80s hit songs including Blue Monday and True Faith.


2nd March

The Police

You'll now discover much more info about the band's biggest hits from the 70s and 80s, along with a video playlist and extra pics on this updated page.


27th FeB

Space Invaders T-shirts

The best designs are explored in the latest post from our 80s fashion blog. 


26th Feb

Paul Young "Every Time You Go Away"

Video, lyrics and facts about the 1985 hit song which gave Paul Young his sixth top 10 hit single in the UK.


24th FeB

80s Candy (US)

A brand new section featuring retro candy and chocolate gifts especially for our visitors from the United States.


23rd Feb

Harper Starling "Disco Mirror Dream"

"Who the heck is Harper Starling?" I hear you cry. Well, you really need to know about her new single which has a video that celebrates 80s fashion.


21st Feb


Visit this brand new section which a wide range of 80s album and tour T-shirts, as well as tees featuring the new 2017 tour with Poison and Tesla.


20th Feb

Twister Costumes

Looking for a quirky outfit idea for an 80s party or event? Why not dress-up as the fun game from your childhood which had everyone in hysterics.


18th Feb

90s Fancy Dress Costumes

A brand new section featuring a wide range of UK costume ideas with a 1990s theme, including everything from the Spice Girls to Mr Blobby.


17th Feb

Teen Wolf Costumes

A brand new section featuring fancy dress costumes, accessories and T-shirts with a 1980s Teen Wolf movie theme.


15th Feb

Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time"

Official video, lyrics and facts about the hit song from 1989, which featured a controversial video that was banned by some TV stations.


14th Feb

Retro iPhone Cases

This new section includes a wide range of very cool, old school style iPhone cases with themes including 80s, cassette, retro camera, NIntendo and more. 


11th Feb 2017

Sugared Almonds

These irresistible retro sweets with a crisp, candy shell were first created many centuries ago and are seen as an aphrodisiac in some countries. 


9th Feb

Cafe 80s T-shirts

In this blog post, we take a look at T-shirts relating to the fun cafe which features in Back To The Future 2. 


7th Feb

Aniseed Balls

A look back at a childhood favourite which you may have regularly bought from your local sweet shop back in the 80s.


6th Feb

Wonder Woman Costumes UK

This revamped section now includes many more fancy dress ideas for both women and girls .


3rd Feb

Popgun "Maniac" cover

A review of Popgun's cover of Michael Sembrello's 1983 hit song from the Flashdance movie. Plus, what do we think of the band's new look website?


2nd Feb

80s Paint Splatter Clothing

Our latest blog post takes a look at clothing available with a paint splatter theme, including a full costume, leggings and leotards. 


31st Jan

Whatever Happened to PseUdo Echo?

The Australian band had a global hit in the 80s with their cover of the disco classic "Funky Town". But where are they now?


29th Jan

1980s Flecked Suits for Men

Our latest blog post takes a look at those suits with flecks of color and turned-up legs which were popular in the 80s.


26th Jan

Call My Bluff

A look back at the celebrity game show which was presented by Robert Robinson and aired on BBC2 during the 70s and 80s.


22nd Jan

George Harrison "Got My Mind Set On You"

The quiet Beatle's biggest hit from the 80s which featured not one, but two music videos to accompany it.


19th Jan

80s Pop Star Costume for Ladies

Buy or create your own outfit. We'll show you how at our fashion blog.


17th Jan

Brother Beyond "The Harder I Try"

The 80s boy band's biggest hit single from 1988 with lyrics and pics.


15th JaN

Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend (Again)

A new browser game with a distinctly 1980s 8-bit feel. Play now - it's free!


12th Jan 2017

80s Fashion Pictures from 1983

Take a trip back to 1983 with out latest blog post at 80sfashion.online.


9th Jan

Was (Not Was) - Walk The Dinosaur

The 80s hit song which created an annoying new dance sensation.


8th Jan

Atari Retro Gaming T-shirts

The latest post from our 80s fashion blog shows you the best Atari T-shirt designs for 2017.


6th Jan


This section has been totally revamped and now includes many more products for retro 80s, punk and rockdress-up.




Our latest blog post features the perfect T-shirt designs for any eighties party or event.


2nd JaN


Take a look at our updated Wham! page which now features extra info, pictures and a new video playlist of official videos.


22nd Dec 2016


The festive favourite is finally on this website! Video, lyrics and essential facts are included.


17th Dec


Become simply the best dressed person at the party. Our latest blog post will show you how.


14th Dec


We've completely revamped this page which now features a bigger range of costumes and accessory ideas for those of you who want peace, man.


11th Dec


This updated and re-published post from our blog now features even more memories from 1982.


8th Dec


The official costumes are expensive. We will show you how to easily create a cheaper alternative.


7th Dec


A look back at the 70s and 80s TV ads for the popular chocolate-covered biscuit bar.


5th Dec


Our latest 80s fashion blog post features some eye-catching ghetto blaster themed bags.


3rd Dec


We've added two different online versions of the classic Ferrari racing game which can be played for free on any device.


1st Dec


A new HTML5 version of the classic game Tetris which can be played on any device.


29th Nov


Five low cost party outfit ideas which won't clear your bank account!


28th Nov


A brand new game for all devices. Clear the coloured blocks before they reach the top of the screen.


Create a fun fancy dress outfit for men or women using our latest blog post.


22nd Nov


A review of the classic 1980s computer game in which the player had to reach the top of a revolving tower.


19th Nov


Original video, lyrics and essential facts about the band's biggest hit song from 1986.


16th Nov


A look at various outfits and the benefits and negatives of each one. Ideal for 80s dress-up.


15th Nov


Remember the 1988 one hits wonder "Rush Hour"? What has the singer/songwriter been up to since then?


11th Nov


A top ten playlist featuring the top single from 1980-1989, including extra facts about each one.

Cheer up girls, you're in Bananarama




What were people protecting their eyes with back in the 80s? Actually, some styles didn't protect the eyes at all and were worn purely as a fashion accessory. From Ray-Bans to shutter shades, on this revamped page I look back at the wide variety of styles that were worn in the eighties.  

Some of these are going to bring the memories of your childhood flooding back! Read about the most popular toys and games from both the 1970s and 80s including Subbuteo, BigTrak, Action Man, Cabbage Patch Dolls and a whole lot more on the 80s Toys page.
They were often unreliable and prone to rust, but there are still many of us who are very fond of the old cars from the 70s and 80s. So which were your favourites? To help you decide, you'll find lots of photos of classic and not-so classic cars, inc. models by British Leyland, as well as sports cars and some American cars, too. Plenty of car photos and plenty of memories, too - visit the 80s Cars page.
Computer games were a lot simpler back in the 1980s, but they were also a lot more accessible. Frogger, Defender and Pac-Man were particular favourites of mine, and you can access many old classics on this page and play online for free, as well as read reviews of other computer games from the 80s.
The 1980s saw the beginning of the home computing revolution, a time when many of us actually learned how to program our computers. Which games consoles and computers did you use back in the 80s? From the very simple ZX80 to the highly popular, 16 bit Commodore Amiga, they can all be found on the 80s Computers page.
So what did you wear in the eighties? This page features the outrageous clothing being worn in the great decade including crazy New Romantic big hair and quiff hair styles for men, shoulder pads, ra-ra skirts, parachute pants, Don Johnson (from Miami Vice) in his white suits, "Choose Life" T-shirts, pixie boots, boxer shorts, Ray Bans, big spectacles - the list goes on! Did you have 80s style or were you like me, an 80s fashion disaster!
These video clips and photos will help you to relive your 70s or 80s childhood, and on this page you can look at bucketloads of old-fashioned confectionary from the past, some of which has now disappeared, and some of which is still being made today. The question is, did you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?

Is it just me, or was there much more to watch on the TV when we were kids? Although we only had three TV channels here in the UK, there was always something decent to watch, and this page features links to dozens of pages about both British and American TV Shows
from yesteryear. Were you a Dukes Of Hazzard fan, or maybe Charlie's Angels was more your thang?

The 1980s saw the birth of the music video revolution, thanks mainly to MTV. Here you'll find a complete A-Z of all the music video pages on the Simply Eighties site. It's an ever-growing list, and you find everything from ABBA to ZZ Top. Most of the videos are official (where available), and I've hand-picked the best quality ones from Youtube. From New Wave to 80s power ballads, they're all here!

So who had a trim phone? Actually, we never had one of these as we just weren't posh enough - just a plain old, standard cream dial telephone for us! Anyway, on the 80s technology page I have written about my own experiences with VHS tapes, an Amstrad TV, CB Radio and a lot more besides

So what gadgets couldn't we live without during the 1980s? Actually, we could live without them a darn sight better than than people do these days. Now that's either because the gadgets were rubbish, or because we were made of sterner stuff. Whatever your thoughts, here you'll find lots of pictures and facts about digital watches, instant cameras, VCR's and Sodastream.

Glamour model Linda Lusardi went on to become a TV presenter and actress, and you'll be pleased to know that you can find out what happened to lots of other famous folk from the 80s on this page.

Let's Get Physical - Not Half! 

80s Fashion - Olivia Newton John