60 Best Atari 8-bit Games

Now this awesome video brings back a lot of memories. I owned an Atari 800XL, followed by a 130XE, and the games gradually improved as the software houses improved their programming skills and discovered the true capabilities of the sound and graphics chips.

Unfortunately, the title of the games are not listed anywhere, but if you've played any of these then you will recognise them quite easily. There are several classic gaming tunes that play in the background which I certainly remember were composed by Rob Hubbard.

Personal favourites are International Karate (by System 3), Chop Suey and Elektra Glide. The latter by English Software was a futuristic racing game and featured stunning 3D graphics that really blew me away at the time. Other favourites include Boulderdash, River Raid, Frogger, Rescue On Fractalus and Blue Max which I spent far too many hours playing!

Pole Position was certainly one of my all time favourite racing games, and was my first experience of 3D racing on a home computer. Although graphically dated when compared to later 8-bit racing games, the playability was still far better than most rivals.

It would have been nice to have seen a few more titles by Zeppelin Games. They started producing games for the 8-bit Atari's from around 1988, which was quite late into the machine's life, but they released some of the best quality Atari games ever made. Draconus and Zybex were so stunning that it was hard to believe they were being played on an 8-bit computer.

Draconus was a gothic style platform/adventure game which featured stunning graphics, animation and music. The only downside was waiting for the game to load on cassette, which took an age on my 130XE.

Overall, this is a fantastic choice of games by the video uploader, and these are game that I grew-up with, and, no doubt, many of you reading this grew-up with, too.  I've never been able to get quite so excited by playing computer games since the demise of the Atari XL/XE computers.

International Karate by System 3 (1986) on the Atari 800XL
International Karate on an Atari 800XL
Elektraglide by English Software on the Atari 800XL
Elektra Glide screenshot
Draconus screenshot from Atari 130XE
Draconus Screenshot from Atari 130XE



Zaxxon on Atari 800xl


Asteroids Flash Game Online


Defender 80s Video Game - Title Screen


Mr. Do! Video Game Atari 8-bit

Mr. Do! 

DropZone Atari XL/XE video game


Ballblazer 80s 8-bit computer game


Boulderdash Atari 800XL Video Game


Custer's Revenge
Custer's Revenge
(Contains Nudity!)