70s and 80s TV Shows 

(Plus, some 90s, too!)

If you lived in the UK during the 70s and early 80s then you will remember when we only had three TV channels, and when BBC1 used to close down at night after playing the National Anthem. Also, do you remember when BBC2 used to show pages from Ceefax in the mornings?

Of course, there were many shows that were imported from America, and us Brits enjoyed a good deal of those, too. If you're visiting this site from the U.S. then you'll pleased to see that there is an ever-growing selection of programmes from your country featured here, from Airwolf to Wonder Woman.

As a child I grew up with shows such as Starsky And Hutch and The Dukes Of Hazzard, and these two were particular favourites of mine. Maybe that's because I love a good car chase, and climbing through car windows.

So here we have a great selection of video pages featuring TV Shows/Series, TV Characters, Adverts, Game Shows, Kids TV, Cartoons and even TV Channel Idents from the seventies and eighties. Enjoy :-)

British and American TV Shows

from the 70s and 80s



1980s TV Trivia Game
80's TV Trivia Card Game
70s TV Trivia Card Game
70's TV Trivia Card Game
Kojak - 70s TV Series
Kojak sucking his lollipop
We all remember the very distinctive character of Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak, which was played by Telly Savalas - the bald head, the ubiquitous lollipop and that catchphrase "Who loved ya, baby?".
But did you know that his younger brother, George Savalas, played Detective "fatso" Stavros in the series? He also appeared in UK adverts for Wimpy during the 1970s. Sadly, he died on October 2nd 1985 (aged 60) from leukemia.

The Kwicky Koala Show
This was the last cartoon series from the legendary Tex Avery before his death from liver cancer in 1980. All sixteen episodes ware aired on CBS in the U.S. during 1981 and also on the BBC in the UK. The cartoon was produced by Hanna Barbera Australia.
The Kwicky Koala Show opening title card



ATV television 70s logo mug




Ivor the engine


The Dukes of Hazzard


The Fall Guy


Doctor Who


Mork & Mindy



70s TV - Grange Hill


Miami Vice




The Professionals Annual 1985 - Doyle, Bodie and Cowley


Collection of retro 70s kids TV button badges - Blue Peter, Swap Shop, Magpie and Tiswas