Space Hopper 70s Costume for men
Abba disco queen costume for ladies



You don't need to spend a small fortune on dressing-up 1970s style. I've been working hard to find you a wide range of the cheapest available groovy outfits, and there are some novel ideas here that you may never of thought of. So, forget about wasting hours on end trawling the web for an affordable seventies costume - they're all here on one page. Mark, editor.
The 1970s was a decade packed full of exciting fashion trends, and where fancy dress is concerned your biggest headache is choosing which style to wear.

The start of the 70s was still being influenced by the sixties hippy syles, with tie dye shirts (these featured bold patterns and colours) and frayed jeans still popular. Mini skirts reached the peak of their popularity, along with hot pants (tight shorts), high-waisted flared trousers/loon pants and fitted blazers.

The second half of the decade also brought us glam rock, disco (three-piece suits and frilly shirts were popular with men) leotards and aviator shades, although not all worn at once, obviously! By the end of the decade drainpipes had replaced bell bottoms and punk fashions were a cool, anti-establishment alternative to disco clothes.

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Retro Go Go Girl Costume

Retro Go Go Girl

A highly-rated costume that includes a groovy pattern dress, belt and headband. Ideal for sixties or seventies dress-up.






70s hippy costume

Groovy Hippy Lady Costume

This bright and colourful outfit is ideal for both 60s and 70s dress-up and is a great price, too! 

Tropical Palazzo Pants

These are very much in fashion at the moment and can be worn not only to a 70s fancy dress party, but as stylish and trendy casual wear.
70s Hippy Man Costume
Hippy Man Costume

This psychedelic outfit includes a waistcoat that  fits up to 44" chest and elasticated trousers that fit up to 44" waist. Inside leg is 32-34". Very good value.
Female Elvis Costume

While there's no shortage of Elvis outfits for men, a costume for ladies is rather more novel. This one is excellent value and includes the dress, cape and belt. Boots and microphone are not included, but at this price who's complaining? Fits sizes 10-14.
Hippy Hippie Fancy Dress Costume for Women
Hippy Hippie Woman

This colourful 70s outfit includes a hot pink crop top with long mesh bell sleeves, yellow waistcoat (attached to crop top), multicoloured trousers and headband.



Fancy Dress Hippy Top for Women

A low-cost fringed, halterneck top available in pink or yellow. Available in sizes from 8-18. Just add bell bottoms or the jean leggings below to complete your look.
White ABBA Jumpsuit Costume for Ladies
ABBA Dancing Queen Costumes

These excellent value outfits are ideal for 70s, disco and Abba themed parties and events, and includes a white top, flared trousers and tie belt. Please note that the prices and design differ between the two different sizes.



Groovy Hippy Guy Costume
Groovy Hippie Guy Costume

This low-cost fancy dress outfit includes a  shirt, waistcoat, trousers, headband & medallion. Please note that the hippy wig and sandals are not included.





Hippie Honey 70s Fancy Dress Costume for Women
Hippie Honey (sizes 6-28)

Get that early 70s festival look with this low-cost, floral patterned top with gold and pink detailing, pink and floral flared elasticated trousers, peace medallion and a matching fabric headband.







Groovy Go Go Girl

Includes a stunningly bright and colourful patterned dress with belt and matching headband. Ideal for fancy dress parties and festivals. Add boot covers and earrings to complete your costume.






Groovy Adult Psychedelic Hippy Shirt
Groovy Hippie Shirt

Here we have a funky, open neck style shirt which even includes a peace sign medallion. Great value and perfect for both 60s and 70s fancy dress.




Mens Black Disco Flares

A pair of plan, black flared trousers for seventies and disco dress-up fun. Ideal for stag dos, 70s parties, festivals etc.
60s/70s Go Go Girl Costume (Free Postage!)

A fantastic value, 3 piece disco girl costume which includes a 60's / 70's style paisley mini dress with long bell sleeves. White adjustable belt and matching headband also included. For sizes 10-14.
Retro Floral Bell Bottom Pants

These awesome flower power style, flared trousers are perfect for 60s, 70s parties, festivals and retro events.
Also try these...
Retro Go Go Girl Costume

Includes a vibrant flower power dress, belt and matching headband. Ideal for festivals, discos, 60s and 70s dress-up.






Flower Power Hippy Wig
Flower Power Hippie Wig

A low-cost wig which includes long and wavy blonde, synthetic hair with a red and white striped headband including an attached daisy.
Vintage Sandals
Faux Leather Slip On Mule Sandals

These low-cost, vintage style sandals are ideal for completing your hippy look and are available in two styles in brown and black.
Space Hopper Poncho Costume

A wipe clean poncho by Palodone which is ideal for festivals or low-cost dress-up.
Red Disco Ruffle Shirt for Men
Red Disco Ruffle Shirt

This funky shirt fits a chest size up to 44", and it's ideal for 70s dress-up. Suggestion: Add some flared trousers and an afro wig.




White or Black Flared Trousers (3 sizes)

These low-cost, 70s style flares are available in sizes small to X-large. Add a ruffle/disco shirt and a wig to complete your look, and to really look the part add some platform shoes.




Pink Ruffle Shirt for 70s Disco Dress-up
Satin Style Ruffle Shirt

A great value satin-look shirt that features a frilly front, frilly cuffs and uses velcro instead of buttons. Fits up to 44in chest.


Sassy Super Hero Costume

Choice of retro 60s and 70s comic book superheroes including Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Robin, Supergirl and Spidergirl. Great value and ideal for hen nights, conventions, fun runs etc.
Best Value Pimp Costumes

The majority of pimp outfits cost between £20 and £40, but we've found these value costumes for a lot less. They include a long jacket and hat which you can wear over your existing shirt and trousers. Just add a cane and dollar medallion to complete your look.


Paladone Space Hopper Poncho