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Sassy 80s Diva Costume
Sassy Diva 80s Girl

Includes a pink leopard print dress, plush vest and headband with bow. 





Hi De Hi Peggy Costume

Peggy the cleaner (played by Sue Pollard) was, quite possibly, the most lovable character at the Maplins holiday camp, and we all felt sorry for her as her attempts to become a yellow coat failed time after time.

Hi De Hi Yellow Coat Gladys Costume

"Good morning campers, hi de hi!". Play the role of the chief yellow coat (Ruth Madoc) who described herself as "only a simple valley girl". Wig is not included.

80s Cheerleader Costume for Women

Retro Cheerleader Costume for Women or Girls

A low-cost and versatile outfit available in many colours and sizes. Includes matching pom-poms. 

80s Air Hostess - Trolley Dolly

Become a glamorous 1980s Virgin air stewardess with this low-cost fancy dress uniform which is also available in blue. 

Baywatch Beach Lifeguard

This low-cost fancy dress outfits includes a dress and matching cropped jacket, both featuring the Baywatch logo.

Madonna Blonde Ambition Tour Corset

Relive 1990 when Madonna wore her infamous cone bra corset. Wear with black leggings to complete your look.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone

A very well-recognised cartoon couple who have entertained many generations since first appearing on the TV screen back in the 1960s. There are several options available for these costumes to suit all budgets.


Tina Turner Costume

You'll be simply the best in this great-looking Turner style outfit! Add a wig to complete your look.

80s Rewind Festival Dress

A quick and easy, eye-catching costume. Ideal for eighties festivals, events, parties etc.
80s Accessories are not included.
Oompa Loompa Women's Costume

Who can forget watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid? If you've ever fancied becoming one of those orange factory workers with green hair then now's your chance!








Fluorescent 80s Beads

These are a very popular accessory and can be added to almost any eighties fancy dress costume to add a bit of je ne sais quoi.

Smurfette Blue Gnome Costume

We all remember the smurfs don't we? If you're feeling blue then this costume is guaranteed to cheer you up! Just add some blue face paint to complete your look.


1980's Pop Party Costume for Ladies

This vibrant fancy dress outfit includes a dress with a short pink and black skirt with a black paint spatter effect top. With glovelets and hair tie.



80s Neon Funk Costume

This ladies outfit includes a pink and black leopard print mini dress with tulle and lace bottom.
The leggings, wig and lace gloves are not included.

80s Fun Girl Costume

Girls just wanna have fun! Yes, this Cyndi Lauper style costume is ideal for an 80s party/event and comes in three sizes from 8-18.

See our 80s Fashion Blog page for more info about this costume and tips on what accessories to add to it.
Queen Of Pop Gold Cone Bra Costume
Sexy 80s Pop Queen Costume (size 8-12)

An eye-catching Madonna style outfit. Become the vogue queen herself in this stunning golden cones corset costume.
Wonder Woman Costumes

Visit our Wonder Woman clothing page to see a great range of fab-looking costumes, t-shirts, bags and accessories - lots of ideas!

80s neon pink mesh top
How to create this hot pink eighties look






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How to Create an Individualistic 80s Look

By far, the most popular eighties fancy dress outfit is based around a tutu or rah rah/ ruffle skirt (neon or black), and put together with footless leggings/tights and/or legwarmers, lace or fishnet gloves (short or long and neon or black) and other accessories such as large earrings, neon jelly bands, neon beads, garters and a headband/bow.

In the first half of the 80s, the rah rah (or ra ra) was an attempt at a new mini-skirt revival. Tutus were also popular, and in the late 80s were often worn with denim jackets. They were also worn with leggings and/or leg warmers, the latter being kind of scrunched-up around the ankles.

Use our 80s Accessories page to create your own look