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80s Costume Ideas for Ladies - Women

Welcome to the biggest choice of 80s fancy dress costume ideas for ladies on the web - especially for the UK. In this section you will find a wide range of costumes ideas, with themes including pop stars, TV shows, cartoons, superheroes and more. You'll find oodles of costume ideas which are ideal for 1980s themed parties, events and festivals, as well as charity fun runs and hen nights.

The most popular choice of eighties outfit is a tutu skirt kit, which consists of a skirt (obviously!) and various accessories. They're quick and easy to wear and some sets include a top. You can choose from a wide variety of tops and tees in our 80s T-shirts section.


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More 80s Themes

Create this "I Loveheart the 80s" Costume

The picture shown links to the very popular "I Loveheart the 80s" off-the-shoulder T-shirt. However, you can easily create this full, easy-to-wear outfit using the following items;







Which Costume Will You Choose?

One of the most difficult aspects of buying an 80s fancy dress costume is actually deciding which look to go for. I mean, there were just so many looks created in the great decade weren't there? A new fashion trend seemed to start with each new movie or pop video release!

So, will you choose one of Madonna's influential outfits from her film and music video releases - Desperately Seeking Susan and Like A Virgin spring to mind, or how about the more sporty aerobics or cheerleader look? Maybe, you want to relive the power-dressing era with those huge shoulder pads?

Of course, I can't make the decision for you, but, hopefully, the following pages will help you faithfully recreate one of the many crazy, over-the-top eighties fashion styles. If you were/are confused by it all (I certainly was) then I would recommend visiting our 80s Fashion pages to get a better understanding of the more popular styles around. Most of them were pretty outrageous, which makes them ideal for fun dress-up, of course!