* NEW * Cyndi Lauper 1980s Costume for Women (sizes 8 to 14)

Recently added to the Emma's Wardrobe store at Amazon, this complete outfit includes the top, gorgeous Cyndi Lauper style 80s skirt, belt and headband. Available in four sizes.

* NEW * Women's Long Sleeve Zebra Print Sheath Dress

Get an instant 80s look with this fantastic, sexy fitted dress. Just add accessories such as neon bracelets and 80s earrings. Available in sizes S, M or L.

I Loveheart the 80s T-shirt

A very popular off-shoulder tee with attached black strap. 

80s Valley Girl Costume (Adults Sizes 8 to 18)

This colourful outfit includes a dress with screen printing and attached netted skirt,printed leggings, 1 fishnet glovelette and a scrunchy belt.

80s Party Girl Costume (Sizes 8 to 18)

This very 80s bright pink costume includes a top with adjustable straps, layered skirt with elasticated waist, bow detail belt, cuffs and fishnet cropped leggings.

Four Piece Adult Multi-Colour Tutu Set (Sizes 8 to 14)

Includes a multi-coloured tutu skirt, leg warmers, fishnet gloves and beads. Ideal for 80s, fun runs, hen nights. 

Four Piece Adult Tutu Set (Sizes 8 to 14)

Ideal for hen parties. Inc. skirt, leg warmers, mesh gloves and beads. 






4 Piece Dress-Up Tutu Kit

Add an 80s T-shirt or top to complete your look.




A-Express Neon or Black Six Piece Tutu Set

Choice of 10 colours including plus sizes. Ideal for 80s parties, hen nights, clubbing etc.

I Love the 80s Vest Top with Bracelets (Sizes 8 to 16)

100% black cotton top with neon lkettering with free multi-coloured gummy bracelets. 

I Love the 80s Vest with Accessories

Perfect for quick and easy dress-up. Includes black vest top with neon lettering, fishnet gloves, head sweatband and gummy bands. 

I Love the 80s Visor

Ideal for adding a fitness look to your costume. 

80s T-shirt and Accessories Kit

Includes I Love the 80s tee, gloves, gummny bangles and headband. Perfect for quick and easy dress-up.  

Complete "I Love the 80s" Outfit for Women

If you're looking for a quick and easy, fun costume to wear then this is the one! As above but with a tutu skirt.

I Love The 80s Costume for Women (Sizes 8 to 18)

A complete outfit available in five colours and five sizes. Quick and easy 80s dress-up.

Neon UV Tutu Skirts (Sizes 8 to 16)

Low-cost, 2 layer skirt with elasticated waist. Ideal for 80s dress-up.  

Neon 80s Party Kit (choice of colours)

This neon tutu kit is ideal for eighties dress-up, hen parties and clubbing.


Ladies 80s Polka Dot Skirt Costume Kit

This fabulous three-piece outfit comprises of a pink, polka dot tutu skirt with matching headband & armlets. Neon beads are sold separately.





Smiffy's She-Ra Costume

It won't just be He-Man's heart racing when you don this officially licensed outfit which includes a dress, arm cuffs, bootcovers, headpiece and cape. 

Neon Pink 80s Skirt with Accessories (sizes 8 to 22)

A ready-to-go accessory kit which includes skirt, leg warmers, mesh gloves and beads. Also ideal for hen nights and fun runs.

Leopard Print Dress with Neon Waist Panel and Shoulder Straps

Add accessories such as a stack of neon bangles, earrings and white/neon stiletto shoes.

Strappy Camisole Vest Top 

A low-cost, versatile top which can be worn with a skirt and accessories  to create an 80s costume. 

Pac Man Video Game Dress

Pac-Man Video Games Dresses

Angels Fancy Dress sell a range of fantastic Pac-Man themed dress costumes for just £10.99 and these include the one pictured, as well as dresses featuring each of the characters from the classic game.

80s Wild Child Costume by Smiffy's
You'll shine like a 'lucky star' in this Madonna-esque 80s Wild Child Costume.

* NEW* Zombie Wild Child Costume

This zombified, 80s Madonna costume includes a dress, top, leggings, necklace bow headband and gloves. Perfect for an 80s Halloween party!

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume with Wig

Ideal for both 80s and Halloween dress-up, this fantastic costume includes a dress, scissorhand gloves, glovelet, choker, belt and wig.

Rubik's Cube Leather Clutch Handbag

This highly-rated, eye-catching handbag is ideal for teens and adults.
Rubik's Cube Lady

Pay homage to the 80s best-selling puzzle toy in this quirky outfit. Includes Dress, Bag and Headpiece (Hat).
80s Pop Tart

This very popular outfit comes complete with a brightly-coloured top, black ra ra style dress and headband. Please note that Leg Warmers, Wig and beads are not included.
80s Punk Lady Costume - Plus Size 18-22

Includes an 80 style inspired dress with splash pattern top and pink Ra-Ra skirt with zebra print detailing, fishnet gloves, and a hair tie.


80s Icon Rock Girl
Madonna, Kim Wilde, Bananarama and now you! This 80s fancy dress outfit will have fellow party goers asking "who's that girl? Add a Rock Diva Wig.
Unofficial Beetlejuice Costume

A low-cost alternative to the official outfit which includes the dress and a collar with attached Tie. Ideal for Halloween. Wig not included.





Official Beetlejuice Costume for Women with Wig

Celebrate the zany 80s movie with the official outfit which included a dress, collar with attached tie and the wig. Boots are not included. Add stripy socks to complete your look.

Varsity College Jacket (Unisex)

A neat-looking, high quality varsity jacket by Fonfella which is available in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large. Choice of colours.




80s Bad Girl

Madonna Style fancy dress costume consisting of a laced corset top, skirt with attached 'BAD GIRL' buckle, lace leggings, and glovelets.


Cyndi Lauper Style 80s Diva Costume

A very 80s costume comprising of a dress, leggings, glovelets, chain belt, necklace, hairpiece and wristlet. Wig is not included.
80s New Wave Costume

Great-looking 80s themed New Wave 3pc fancy dress costume.

80s Punk Anarchist

Relive the late 70s, early 80s punk era in this Ms. Anarchist costume which includes the union jack top and tartan skirt. Wig is sold separately.
Have you seen our Punk Costumes page yet?
Female Twister Costume

Everyone loves the board game twister, and it's certainly a childhood favourite of mine. This is a great idea for a retro look.
Supergirl Costume

If you can still find a phone box these days then you can do a quick change into Superman's cousin, Supergirl with this authentic costume!



Let's Get Physical Outfit

Includes - Leotard, Crop Top, Drawstring Gym Shorts and Headband. Ideal for the classic Olivia Newton-John, 80s Keep-fit look.

80s Neon Skater Girl

This colourful skater girl costume for women is a three-piece set inc. pink boob tube, mini shorts and sport jacket. Add Pink Bunches Wig.
80s Leggings/Footless Tights/Stirrup Pants

Leggings are an essential part of many eighties style costumes, and you can use them to create a whole range of looks from workout to pop star. Visit our leggings page to get some inspiration.

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Create this "I Loveheart The 80s" Costume

The picture shown links to the very popular "I Loveheart the 80s" off-the-shoulder T-shirt. However, you can easily create this full, easy-to-wear outfit using the following items;







Which Costume Will You Choose?

One of the most difficult aspects of buying an 80s fancy dress costume is actually deciding which look to go for. I mean, there were just so many looks created in the great decade weren't there? A new fashion trend seemed to start with each new movie or pop video release!

So, will you choose one of Madonna's influential outfits from her film and music video releases - Desperately Seeking Susan and Like A Virgin spring to mind, or how about the more sporty aerobics or cheerleader look? Maybe, you want to relive the power-dressing era with those huge shoulder pads?

Of course, I can't make the decision for you, but, hopefully, the following pages will help you faithfully recreate one of the many crazy, over-the-top eighties fashion styles. If you were/are confused by it all (I certainly was) then I would recommend visiting our 80s Fashion pages to get a better understanding of the more popular styles around. Most of them were pretty outrageous, which makes them ideal for fun dress-up, of course!