Men's 80s Costumes
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Another page of 80s fancy dress ideas for gents, including a diverse range of outfits from Bananaman to Boy George!


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Retro Headband and Mullet Wig

Ah, the mullet! You'll be pleased to know that you can recreate this outrageous hair style from the 80s without going anywhere near the clippers! Choose from 1 of 7 different mullet wigs with headband. Just slip it on and you're ready to party! Add an 80s T-shirt for a quick and easy costume idea.

Rubik's Cube Second Skin Costume for Men
Rubik's Cube Second Skin Costume

These costumes are all the rage at the moment, and this one is based on that highly popular 80s puzzle toy which only geeks could complete. It's a fun idea and perfect for an eighties party, of course! Features a concealed fly and under chin opening.

Big Daddy 80s Wrestler Costume

Relive the days of Saturday afternoon wrestling on ITV in this authentic fancy dress. Includes a white jumpsuit, union flag top, boot covers and wig. Wearing this costume will be "easy, easy!".

Popeye The Sailor Man Costume

The old Popeye cartoons were great fun to watch back in the day! This complete costume is excellent value and includes the sailor styletop, trousers, hat & arm pieces. 


Mighty Mouse Fancy Dress Costume

This cartoon superhero first appeared in the 1940s, but an 80s revival with a whole new series of cartoons ensured that the character lived on. Relive your younger days in this low cost outfit which includes a Jumpsuit, Cape, Gloves, Mask, Shoe Covers and Briefs.

Boy George Fancy Dress Costume

The Culture Club front-man gave us one of the most memorable fashion moments of the eighties in his Karma Chameleon video, and you'll be an instant hit in this outfit. Sizes 38 to 48" chest available.
Shell Suit Scouser Fancy Dress Costume
Calm down, calm down! Relive the shell suit era in this costume which fits up XL size. Add the wig and tash to for a proper 80s scouser look.
Deluxe Bananaman Costume

Do you remember watching the Bananaman cartoons back in the 80s? This fancy dress outfit includes a padded jumpsuit so you can create those muscles that every superhero should have! Plus, matching yellow boot covers, gloves, a banana yellow cape and belt with a red buckle.

Thundercats Lion-O Costume with Mask.

Rubie's trademarked muscle chest jumpsuit is the base for this exciting thundercats lion-o costume. Includes rubber jumpsuit, mask, hand, and belt. Officially licensed by warner brothers entertainment, inc.
Inspector Gadget Outfit

Who can forget the antics of this clumsy detective? The cartoon series was originally shown on TV during the 80s, but continues to be very popular with kids and adults alike.

This all-in-one official costume includes all you need; jacket with mock Shirt and Tie, Belt, Gloves, Hat and Mask, plus gadget Accessories Torch, Magnifying Glass and Gun.
Top Gun Aviator Costume
Tom Cruise eat your heart out! You'll be a real 'top gun' in this Aviator Costume which includes sewn-on badges and aviator shades.

More ideas on our Top Gun costume page
Green Cross Code Man

If you lived in the UK during the 70s and 80s then you may remember this superhero. This outfit includes an all-in-one jumpsuit with green cross motif and matching boot covers. Comes in one standard size to fit up to a chest size 42 inches. "Always remember the Green Cross Code, because I won't be there when you cross the road!".
Mario Costume

If you spent hours playing the original Mario games of the 80s, then you'll jump at the chance become the Italian plumber yourself. A green Luigi costume is also available when you select the link.
SuperTed Fancy Dress

The SuperTed cartoon series was hugely popular during the 80s, and now you can become him in this licensed costume which comes complete with Top, Trousers, Cape, Belt and Head. Ted's friend Spotty is also available.


Deluxe Adult Pac-man costume
Deluxe Pac-Man Costume

Dress-up as one of the most popular computer game characters from the 1980s. This 3D bodysuit is perfect for a retro or 80s-themed party or event or a gamers convention.
Fred Flintstone Costume
Fred Flintstone Costume

Yabba dabba doo! I don't know about you, but The Flintstones was certainly one of my all-time favourite cartoons. You'll be instantly recognisable in this easy-to-wear, fun fancy dress costume.

Mr T Costume

What you lookin' at fool? Who can forget the B.A. Baracus character from the A Team played by Mr. T? There are two types of outfit available - military or dungarees - and you can give out some bad attitude in both of them!


ET Adult Fancy Dress Costume

ET the Extra Terrestrial was one of the most memorable sci-fi films of the 1980s, and you'll be instantly recognisable in this costume which includes the mask, red jacket and gloves. Just don't forget to phone home while you're out!

Ideal for Halloween, sci-fi and 80s events or parties.
Gremlins Fancy Dress Costume

This official Gremlins costume is ideal for Halloween or 80s parties. You've watched the movie, now become a gremlin! This is a nice idea and it is doubtful that anyone else at the party will have thought of this one.
Gremlins Gizmo Official Fancy Dress Costume

If you prefer not scaring people then the gentler Gizmo character may be your preferred choice of costume. Two sizes from 38" to 46" chest are available which include a tunic, attached hands and mask.

80s T-Shirts

These are great for wearing to an 80s-themed party, stag do or just out and about! Visit our 80s T-Shirts page for lots of ideas.

Made in the 80's Costume

Get that laid-back 80s look with this outfit which includes a white "Made in the 80's" t-shirt and white trousers, Add a wig and white shoes for a more complete look.


Inflatable Mobile Phone

80s Brick Style

This is ideal for creating a cost-effective, instant 80s look or even a Dom Joly look! Add a striped shirt or pinstripe suit and you'll look like the perfect YUPPIE.

80s Wigs for Men

Here we have a great range of 80s style wigs. The one featured here is ideal for a Limahl (Kajagoogoo) or punk rock costume.

Aviator Shades

Here you'll find a huge range of 80s style aviator sunglasses which start at under £3 and are perfect for adding to the Top Gun and Rock Star costumes.