80s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas
for Men

If you're going to an eighties-themed party then you'll find a great range of 80s costumes, outfits and wigs for Men on this page.

Whether you want to look like Teen Wolf, He-Man or Adam Ant, you're sure to find something of interest to stand out from the crowd at any party!

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80s two tone ska costume
Have you seen out Ska and 2 Tone Costumes page yet?
Two Tone Costume Kit

A cost-effective 80s look for under a tenner! Includes hat and braces. Add some cheap wayfarer-style sunglasses to complete the look.
80s Fancy Dress for Men - Blues Brothers Kit
The Blues Brothers Fancy Dress Accessory Kit

Ideal for stag do's and 80s or movie theme parties and events. Add this cost-effective kit to a white shirt and black trousers (or a dark suit) and you have an instant Blue Brothers look!
Includes a Fedora hat, wayfarer style shades and black tie.
Slash 80s Rocker Top Hat with Wig
80s Guitar Man Top Hat with Attached Wig

If you've ever fancied looking like Slash from Guns N' Roses then now's your chance! A quick and easy fancy dress idea. Wear with aviator shades and a black/rock t-shirt with jeans to complete your look.

Adam Ant fancy dress costume for men

 Adam Ant Fancy Dress Costume

A very recognisable pop icon from the eighties, and you'll look like a real Prince Charming in this stylish outfit which is available in a range of sizes.

Find out how to create a Dandy Highwayman or Prince Charming look at my 80s Fashion blog.

Freddie Mercury Wembley costume
Freddie Mercury Wembley Outfit

We all remember Freddie's performances on stage with his band Queen. In this low-cost costume, you'll be instantly recognised as the legendary Queen frontman. Sizes large and medium available.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume
Michael Jackson Fancy Dress Costume

This pop legend is best-remembered for his mega-selling Thriller album (Billie Jean was a personal favourite from that album), and in this costume you'll be doing the moonwalk in no time!
Beetlejuice Costume
Beetlejuice Costume

What an intersting movie this was, and this outfit is ideal for an 80s or Halloween themed party. You may also be interested in the official make-up kit to get an authentic look.
Teen Wolf Costume

Teen Wolf Costume

I really miss the Michael J. Fox films of the 80s. Now you can relive one of them in this authentic outfit. Includes : Jacket, Vest, Gloves, Wig and Beard - love it! Perfect for Halloween, of course.

Honey Monster Costume
Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Costume
Don't forget to tell 'em about the honey mummy... If you don't remember the TV ads then you'll wonder what the heck I'm on about! This is an ideal costume for a retro 70s or 80s party, or a fun halloween idea, too.
Stay Ouft Marshmallow Man
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume
Perfect for a 1980s or Halloween themed party. This is a fun costume idea and anyone who's seen the Ghostbusters movie will remember this giant character who caused chaos near the end of the film. 
Ghostbusters Costume for men
Ghostbusters Costume

This officially licensed outfit really looks the part, and includes an inflatable backpack. No ghost will dare to go near you while you're wearing this!
A women's version is also available should you want to dress-up as a couple.
Masters of the Universe Skeletor costume
Skeletor Costume

Dressing up for Halloween? Then why not become He Man's enemy Skeletor from the Masters Of The Universe 80s cartoon?

Costume includes muscle jumpsuit with hood and chest detail, detatchable belt, bootcovers and foam mask with elastic.

He-Man Prince Adam fancy dress costume
He-Man - Prince Adam
Remember the eighties cartoon Masters of the Universe? Now you can become one of the characters in this licensed Prince Adam, He-Man costume.

Includes muscle jumpsuit with attached chest piece and pant detail, detachable belt, cuffs and boot covers and inflatable sword with printed detail. I have the power!
Zippy Rainbow Costume
Zippy from Rainbow
We all remember the kids TV show Rainbow from our childhood. Now you can dress-up as Zippy and be instantly recognisable as one of the shows most memorable characters - great fun! If you're going to a party with a friend, then why not get them to dress as George or Bungle?
80s Rock Star Costume - zebra pants and vest top
Smiffy's 80s Super Rock Star Costume

Big hair and tight pants were part and parcel of being an 80s rock star. Recreate the classic look with this excellent value costume which includes a  black top, animal print trousers, belt, headband and boot covers.

Men's Bon Jovi costume
80s Bon Jovi Rocker
This 1980s Bon Jovi style outfit includes a vest, trousers and sash. Add a wig and inflatable guitar (see below) to complete your rocker look. Available in sizes 38" to 44" chest.
80s Rock Fancy Dress Wig
Rock Fancy Dress Wigs

Choose from a wide range of great-looking rock wigs that will complete any rock costume. Includes, spikey, permed, blonde, black etc.
80s Rock Star Costume
Zebra Print Trousers
These elasticated pants are ideal for creating an 80s rocker look. Add items such as a vest or T-shirt, mesh top, bandana and a wig for a complete look. You can, of course, add as few or as many components as you wish depending on your budget.
Inflatable Blow-Up rock guitar
Inflatable Guitar

Choose from a range of fantastic blow-up guitar's to make your costume stand-out from the crowd.
Bully Bullseye 80s Costume
Bullseye "Bully" Costume
You can't beat a bit of bully! We all remember Jim Bowen presenting this classic darts quiz. The star of the show, though, was Bully! This costume includes a striped shirt with padded belly, gloves and a full head mask. Now, let's have a look at what you would have won...
MC Hammer rap costume
MC Hammer Costume

U can't touch this! This retro rapper style rapper costume includes those legendary, old school baggy trousers and jacket.