If you're looking for some fabulous ideas to create the ultimate 1980s party then you've come to the right place. This page features a wide-range of ideas including accessories, decorations, bunting and tableware with an eighties theme so you can celebrate in style!

80s Party Invitations

Hosting an 80s party is going to be a fat lot of good if nobody turns up! Therefore, it would be a wise move to invest in some 80s themed party invitations. You could design your own, of course, but if you're about as artistic as a blindfolded elephant, then you'll be pleased to know that there are some snazzy ready-made invitations available. 

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Let's face it, a bare wall, ceiling or window at a party is not going to make for a great look. You can easily add some ambience to a room with one of these fabulous decorations including banners, twirls, posters and backdrops. 


Spice up your table(s) and add a fun element with these retro 80s themed items.




You could opt for a boring white table cloth or, even worse, leave your tables bare. But you know you don't want to that! So why not choose one of these eighties-themed table covers instead - they're totally awesome, dude!

80s Party Balloons

Balloons have, of course, been around for donkeys years and they're essential for creating a retro party atmosphere. All of these balloons are just perfect for an 80s-themed event, festival or party.


These totally excellent paper cups will further enhance your 80s theme - I'll drink to that!


You could opt to serve food into your guests hands or straight onto the table. But a more dignified approach would be to buy some of these stylish paper plates.

80s Luncheon Napkins

There's nothing worse than spilling food and drink down your favourite party outfit. These 80s-themed napkins will keep your guests clean and, therefore, much happier.

80s Party Hats

Get a hat get ahead with these packs of colourful and fun hats.