80s Party Decorations
If you're looking for some fabulous ideas to create the ultimate 1980s party then you've come to the right place! This page features a wide-range of ideas including accessories, decorations, bunting and tableware with an eighties theme.
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Back to the 80's wall sign
Back To The 80's Sign

If your guests can't work out what type of party they've come to after reading this in-your-face sign then they seriously need to go to another party! Based on the Back To The Future film logo, this in your face wall sign is 24 x 15 inches and will add a little extra to the ambience of your room.

I Loveheart the 80s Balloons

Balloons have been around for donkey's years and they're essential for creating a retro party atmosphere. These balloons are, of course, perfect for an 80s-themed event.

80s Slogan Balloons

Here we have two of the most iconic slogans from the great decade. "Frankie Says Relax" and "Choose Life" T-shirts became hugely popular in the mid-eighties, and now you can relive those glorious days again with this pack of 10 party balloons featuring five of each logo.
Animal Print Balloons

Animal print fashion was big in the 80s, and you can bring out your wild side with these unique party balloons which can be filled with air or helium.

80s Splatter Paint Fedora Hats

Featuring an eighties splatter paint design, these party hats will add an extra splash of fun at your event.

80s Party Confetti
Totally 80s Confetti

This colourful and fun combi-pack features three separate designs of sprinkles that will add sparkle to your party!

Inflatable Ghettoblaster / Boombox

If you lived through the 1980s without owning a boombox then you didn't live! The coolest dudes would carry one around on their shoulder with the bass turned up high!  This blow-up ghettoblaster is the perfect, low-cost decoration for any 80s party.

Retro Cassette Tape Bunting

The perfect decoration for an 80s or 90s party, and you can write on the pictures of the cassettes with a ma
rker pen - why not add the names of your guests?
Pac-Man and Ghosts Party Bunting

Very useful for retro gaming/80s events and parties, this bunting features one of the most memorable and much-loved gaming characters from the 1980s.

80s Twirl Decorations Pack

Well, I love these and you create an awesome twirly, swirly centrepiece with this pack of 12 hanging decorations which are so totally 80s, dude! Six of them feature a cut-out including cassettes, boombox, shades 80s geometric shapes.

Stunning 80s Wall Decoration Kit

This looks fantastic doesn't it? This pack matches the theme of the twirl decorations above and will look simply stunning at any 80s-themed party/event. You receive two rolls which you simply join together to form a giant I Love the 80s poster.

80s String Decorations Pack

These six colourful hanging decorations will brighten up any room and will really enhance the 1980s feel. They are each 7 feet long, and at under £3 it's excellent value, too.

I Love The 80s Party Banner

A 25 foot long foil banner that repeats the pattern 10 times. Can also be made into smaller banners.

80s Pop Posters Kit

Ten top quality posters featuring well-known pop stars from the 1980s. Ideal for placing around a large room to add an instant 80s feel.

80s Movie Wall Poster Set
80s Film Poster Set

A set of 10 x A4 size posters to place around a room to give an 80s ambience. Includes well-known movie classic such as Back To The Future, Gremlins and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

80s Stars Mini Cut-Out Stand-Up Decorations
80s Stars Mini Stand-Ups

Four cut-out celebrities inc. Michael Jackson, Mr T, Madonna and Adam Ant. Ideal for table decorations or for placing in windows, on ledges or on shelves etc, and a great talking point.

Large Inflatable 80s Mobile Phone

We all remember those brick-sized phones that any YUPPIE worth his weight would own. This is a fun over-sized accessory that can be used as a prop for an 80s fancy dress costume or to be displayed at an 80s party. Includes a hook for hanging from the ceiling.

Fizz Wiz popping candy - ideal for retro parties
Fizz Wiz Popping Candy

We all remember the delight of putting this stuff in our mouths during our childhood. Relive those happy times with this super loud, strawberry space dust which comes as a pack of 10 - an ideal extra treat for your party guests.

Neon Dust Straws

Add colour and fun to your party by sprinkling these 120 sherbert straws on your tables(s). A real childhood favourite that will delight your guests.

Visit our 80s Sweets page for many more ideas
80s Neon Invaders Backdrop

Transform your party room/area with this 30ft by 4ft neon space invaders scene on a plastic roll. Ideal for retro gaming and 80s events/parties.

Table Decorations/Tableware
80s Cassette Fountain Centrepiece

Wow! Now one of these fountainous decorations on each table would look fantastic at any 80s party. Please note that this is a small-sized centrepiece standing at around 7.5 inches in height, but at only £2.99 you can buy three and still have change from a tenner.

12 Mini Rubik's Cubes

These real, working cubes would make excellent table decorations, or why not use them as gifts or prizes for your guests/friends.

 Totally 80s Glasses with See-through Printed Lens

Place a pair of these adult-size, groovy glasses on your tables for each guest to wear at your party or event. They feature sturdy plastic frames in hot pink, neon orange, lime green, bright blue and electric purple. Ideal as party favours or simply for decoration.

80s Party Cups

These totally excellent paper cups will further enhance your 80s theme

80s Lunch Napkins

There's nothing worse than spilling food and drink down your favourite party outfit. These 80s-themed napkins will not only keep your guests clean, but will also look fantastic and will be a great talking point.


80s paper napkins with retro gamer theme
80s Table Cover

You could opt for a boring white table cloth or, even worse, leave your tables bare. So why not choose this eighties-themed table cover instead - it's totally awesome, dude!

80's Gamer Party Plates

Ideal for retro gaming and 80s events, these plates will add a fun element and will leave your guest feeling like they've achieved a new high score!

Or try this funky design;
80's Gamer Drink Coasters

These are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your party decor. These fun and retro coasters are guaranteed to put a smile on your guest's faces.

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