These skirts are ideal for creating a quick and easy 80s costume or wearing at fun runs, charity events, hen nights etc. Add leggings, leg warmers and other accessories such as fishnet/mesh gloves, colorful bangles and/or gummy bands. Create a workout look with head and wrist bands (sweatbands). Choose a longer skirt for a Madonna look. 


Layered, Striped 80s Petticoat Skirt by Leg Avenue
Leg Avenue Petticoat Tutu Skirt for 80s Fancy Dress
Shiny Skater Skirt
Basic Pink 1980s Tutu Petticoat Skirt
Green Layered 80s Costume Skirt by Forum Novelties
Black Madonna 80s Long Petticoat Skirt
Madonna Eighties Long Costume Skirt
Pink Tutu Petticoat Skirt for 80s Costume
UV Neon Green Tutu Skirt
Neon UV Blue 80s Petticoate Tutu Skirt Ladies
Neon UV Fluorescent Orange Tutu Petticoat Skirt
Plus Size Adult 1980s Tutu Skirt
Plus Size UV Orange XXL Tutu Petticoat Skirt Women's
4 Pack Tutu Skirts for Fun Runs 80s Dress Up
Rainbow Colors Animal Print 80s Skirt