New 80s Themed T-Shirt Designs for 2014

You'll find all of the latest 80s-inspired tees on this page which have been recently made available by suppliers on the website.

Now you have no excuse for not being uber cool with the latest retro designs displayed on your chest!

My personal favourite is the tee featuring the Old Grey Whistle Test logo - remember that?

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Doctor Who Tardis T-shirt

This latest police box design T-shirt is fast becoming one of the most popular tees ordered through the SimplyEighties website. Available for children and adults in all sizes and includes free delivery - excellent value!
This tee would make an excellent extra birthday or Christmas gift for a Who fan.



Ladies Back To The 80s T-shirt

This eye-catching glow in the dark, super-soft fitted tee is available in a choice of colours and for sizes Small to XX-large.
Stuck In The 80s Black T-Shirt

Based on the Katherine Hamnett designs which were huge back in the 1980s, these funny T-shirts are perfect for anyone who just can't leave the great decade behind.



Stuck In The 80s White T-Shirt

The same design as above (obviously!) but with a white T-shirt and black text. The Birthday perfect gift for anyone who lived through and can't leave behind this wonderous decade!



Retro Slimer T-Shirt

Anyone who was a Ghostbusters fan will know what a slimer is. This tee features a cool graffiti style 80s design featuring the slimy, green and nasty ghost.



80s New Kids On The Block T-Shirt

Transport yourself back to your teen years when this boy band were the talk of the town. This is an excellent design and ideal for wearing to an 80s event/party.



M&M's Sweets 80s Advert T-Shirt

Mars M&M's have been around since the 1940s, but were introduced to many countries (including the UK) during the 1980s. Show your love for the multi-coloured sweets with this retro tee.



Challenge Of The Gobots Cartoon T-Shirt

Forget Transformers, Gobots by Tonka were the coolest toy to play with! Challenge Of The Gobots was an action-packed cartoon series by Hanna-Barbera shown around the mid 80s, and this T-shirt is perfect for fans of either the cartoon or toys.



Retro Cherry Coke Pop Art Tee

Ah, cherry coke! Is it still around? You either loved or hated it, and whether you're a pop drink or pop art fan then you'll want to wear this very stylish retro tee.


Apple Pac T-Shirt

Now, this is a clever design idea - the apple logo combined with Pac-Man. If you or someone you know is an Apple loving gamer addicted to Pac-Man then you know what to do!



Miami Vice Logo T-Shirt

When Don Johnson wore his pastel-coloured Italian suits with a T-shirt and loafers it quickly became an 80s fashion trend. This T-shirt features the main characters (Crockett and Tubbs) from the trend-setting TV series, but you don't have to wear it with a white suit, of course.




80's Computer Font T-Shirt

If anyone fails to understand what this T-shirt featuring "80's" printed in a very large old school computer font represents, then they really do need to get an education!
Plain, simple, but effective.



He-Man Masters Of The Universe T-Shirt

This is the nicest design I've seen representing the classic 80s cartoon. It an official new design and looks liked it's been plucked right out of the 80s! However, I can't guarantee that wearing it will transform you into the most powerful man in the universe.


The Old Grey Whistle Test T-Shirt (choice of colours)

I like the fact that youngsters are likely to have a confused look on their faces when they spot this tee. Wear it and feel smug that only you and other people of a certain age will recognise that logo and understand what it's all about!


Top Mum / Top Dad T-shirts

Show your appreciation for one or both of your parents with these amusing Top Gun themed logo T-shirts which would make an ideal gift for a birthday.

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