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Simplyeighties.com was founded in January 2009 and has quickly grown into one of the largest 80's websites.

Although this site is edited in Great Britain (and hosted in South Africa), the biggest percentage of these visitors are from the U.S. with the UK coming second, Canada third and Australia fourth. However, there are many visitors from other countries, too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your visit to the website and should you experience any problems, or have any suggestions then please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this page. Please note that I will only use your email address to send a reply and it will not be used for any other purpose.

 Updates to Simply Eighties

Since updating to a new look, any spare evening time I have is currently being used to update and improve the the look of each page and replace videos that are no longer working. There are still hundreds of pages to sort out, but I'm getting there slowly!

I'm also continuing to add new pages to the site and my other blogs and websites, and posting on Pinterest. Heck, there just aren't enough hours in the day!

By the way, links to all the new pages can be found on the Latest 80s Videos page, but you probably knew that already!

As for Facebook, well there is now a SimplyEighties page which you can follow.

You may also want to follow my Youtube channel which features lots of 80s playlists and a selection of videos.

Sadly, there just isn't enough time to do everything you want to do in life. It's simply impossible to be on every social network. So I have selected the sites that I am most comfortable and happy with, and give them my 100% undivided attention - in my case this is Pinterest, Tumbler, Facebook and Youtube.

Mark Nobes (Editor)

Visit my other sites:

80s Heaven - my 80s blog at Tumblr

80sFashion.info - 80s fancy dress ideas blog

The 80s

The Simply Eighties website is dedicated entirely to the 1980s, and explores all areas of the great decade. The eighties was a decade that was very much in your face, with bold and daring fashions, crazy hair styles and groundbreaking music videos. The technology was groundbreaking, too, with Sinclair and Commodore bringing computing to the masses.

If you lived in the UK, then apart from Thatcherism, yuppies, miner's strikes, recession, shoulder pads, the mullet, puffball skirts, cabbage patch dolls, the ZX81 computer, Sinclair C5 and mobile phones the size of a brick, the eighties were really rather good!

Seriously, though, the intention of this site is to remind ourselves of what people were really up to in this brilliant decade, using videos wherever possible. Although aimed mainly at a British audience, visitors from other countries should find plenty to keep them amused, too.

Perhaps you were heavily into the music and fashion of the 80s such as the New Romantics like Duran Duran and Japan ( maybe you still own a frilly shirt?), or maybe you were more into the 80s rock bands such as Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and Europe. Of course, some artists were harder to categorise. Adam Ant took new romanticism to another level and Frankie Goes To Hollywood ruffled feathers with their controversial songs about sex and nuclear armageddon.

I have very fond memories of the eighties. I was at school until 1984, and unlike today, you knew virtually every song in the pop charts. Every week kids up and down the country would eagerly await the new Top 30 charts on Radio 1, with a blank cassette in hand ready to tape each song off the radio - Of course, the tricky part was editing out the DJ's voice and joining the songs together!

Anyway, read on to discover what was hot, and what was not so hot in this amazing decade.

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