Being a fan of sci-fi comedy, I used to love watching this show back in the late 80s. ALF was a sitcom that was originally aired in the U.S. on NBC between 1986 and 1990. The TV Show lasted for four seasons with 102 episodes being shown overall.

ALF originates from the planet Melmac which has been destroyed by nuclear war. After following an amatuer radio signal, he crash-landed into the garage of the Tanner family who kindly decided to accept the alien into their family and protect him from the Alien Task Force. 

The creator of the show, Paul Fusco, was also the main operator of the ALF hand puppet.Willie Tanner (father) was played by Max Wright and Kate Tanner (Mother) was played by Anna Schedeen. The two children were Lynn and Brian who were played by Andrea Elson and Benji Gregory.

A TV Movie called Project ALF was released in 1996, but didn't feature the Tanner family. It was first aired in the U.S. on ABC.

Opening titles from seasons 1 and 2

ALF on the phone
ALF on the phone