Alice Cooper - Poison (1989)

Firstly, the official video is unavailable, but you can enjoy at live performance at Montreux in the clip above.

Mr Cooper only really had one major hit in the UK during the 80s, and that was this single. The song reached #2 (#7 in the U.S.) and was kept off the top spot by the annoying Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers! The song was the lead single from the rock artist's 18th studio album, Trash.

This was the album that put Alice Cooper back into the charts, reaching #20 in America and #2 in the UK. His last album to break into the U.S. Top 40 was way back in 1976 with Alice Cooper Goes To Hell.

Trash divided opinion, and while it is regarded by many as his finest album, the fact that it's a more mainstream affair with more commercial-sounding rock songs, was never going to please all of his fans. Although the rock is lighter than much of his previous stuff, there is still plenty of drama to be had and it's certainly fun to listen to. There's still a lot of the old style Alice here, but this is certainly more accessible for those who can't handle the hard metal stuff.

Alice Cooper - Poison (1989 single)