Altered Images - Don't Talk To Me about Love (1983)

Scottish 80's band Altered Images released three albums and ten singles (six entered the UK Top 40) between 1981 and 1983. Don't Talk To Me About Love reached #7 in the UK and was taken from the third album Bite which reached #16 in the UK album charts, but sold less than the previous two eighties albums, Happy Birthday the debut album which reached #26 and Pinky Blue which reached #12. The band split-up after the disappointing sales of the Bite album.

Lead singer Clare Grogan attempted to start a solo career in 1987 with the release of Love Bomb on London Records. However, the single flopped and the forthcoming album Trash Mad and single Strawberry were shelved by London Records. Another band member Johnny McElhone went on to perform with Hipsway and then Texas.
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Altered Images in the 80s