A neat little Austin Metro Police Car from the 80's

 Unusual Austin Metros

This video features a selection of rare and unusual Austin Metro cars

 Austin Metro - 80s British TV Advert

Now this looks just like the metro I had in the late 80's - same colour, too. Unfortunately,  I had to replace the gearbox at just 20,000 miles! I have to admit that my next car, a Citroen AX, was much more reliable. Anyway, if you watch this video clip all the way through you'll gain access to more 80s cars videos at the end.

The Metro was the car that saved British Leyland from going bankrupt. Many of its cars were severely dated, and this new "supermini" proved to be popular with the British public.

Built at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham for 18 years, the Austin name was dropped in 1990 and re-badged the Rover Metro in 1990. A sporty MG Metro was also launched in 1982.

Red MG Metro Turbo 1989

Photo of a 1989 MG Metro Turbo at Bristol Car Show, The Downs, Bristol, England. Taken by Adrian Pingstone




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