Ballblazer on an Atari 800 Laptop!

Now, this is just an amazing video! This guy is playing Ballblazer an Atari 800 that has been modified into a laptop. Who else wants one of these? Drool...

Ballblazer Computer Game (1984)

Ballblazer was developed by Lucasfilm Games (it was the company's first release) and published by Atari. It was originally released on the Atari 8-bit consoles and computers, and then ported to most other models available at the time such as the Apple II, C64, MSX and ZX Spectrum.

The game is best described as a one-on-one, futuristic football match (instead of players you control rotofoils) which takes place on a giant 3D chessboard style grid with a split-screen. The gameplay was quite simplistic, but very exciting at the time. Both the graphics and the music were pretty awesome and the latter was algorithmically (better get the spell-checker out!) generated. This was definitely one of the better game releases from the 1980's.

Ballblazer on the Atari 800

Ballblazer on the Commodore 64 (C64)