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This was one of those tracks that, as a teenager, you would have belting out of your ghettoblaster just to annoy everyone around you. Although, I only had a cheap Saisho ghettoblaster, so it was pretty hard trying to make much bass come out of that thing!

Many people failed to realise that this song was actually a parody of attitude and party songs, and it was taken at face value by many listeners. Watching the video kind of makes you realise that the guys aren't being serious about the attitude thing. In fact, Beastie Boys hate the song so much they haven't performed it since 1987!

Fight For Your Right reached #7 in the UK singles chart in February 1987 and was a #1 in the US. It was taken from the 9x Platinum (US) album Licensed To Ill.

Beastie Boys had three other UK hits in the 80s which were; She's On It (#10), No Sleep Till Brooklyn (#14) and Girls/She's Crafty (#34).


Official Video: Beastie Boys - She's On It

I was fascinated by the opening to the video (which shows crashing waves at Long Beach in New York) which almost had me thinking I was watching an 80s relaxation video. That is, until a bikini-clad girl releases her ice cream out of the wrapper in a suggestive manner, and then, in typical Beastie Boys style, all hell breaks loose!

Released in September 1985, She's On It was the debut single from The Beastie Boys and reached #10 in the UK after a re-release following the success of Fight For Your Right in 1987. The song featured on the soundtracks to the movie Krush Groove, and among the other 80s artists to feature on the album were Chaka Khan, Debbie Harry, LL Cool J and Gap Band. The song was not commercially successful in America.




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