Blankety Blank (1982)


Hosted by DJ Terry Wogan, this BBC game show from the 80s must have had one of the lowest budgets, judging by the prizes they gave away! Remember the old cheque book and pen?

The show ran from 18 January 1979 to 12 March 1990 with 218 episodes on BBC1. The show was hosted by Les Dawson from 1984 until the final show in 1990.

Blankety Blank Opening Titles from 1980

How many of these celebrities do you remember? Well,  I can actually remember four of these; Comedian Roy Hudd, Actress Beryl Reid, DJ David Jacobs and Comedian Lenny Bennett. The other two I really don't who the heck they were?

Kenny Everett bending Terry Wogan's Microphone!

Oh, i'd almost forgotten about Kenny - how could I? Such a great comedian. Terry Wogan just knew he was going to end up with a bent microphone whenever the wonderfully camp Kenny Everett was on the show!

Terry Wogan - Greatest Hits Vol 2




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