Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red (1986)
The video clip features a top notch live performance by Chris De Burgh, although I'm not sure which year this is from, or even at what venue, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless. Maybe someone can enlighten me using the comments box at the bottom of the page?

Chris De Burgh's biggest hit single still remains Lady In Red. Released in 1986, the romantic song was #1 in no less than fifteen countries, and is played at just about every wedding party - which has most men running to the bar! Is that because they don't like Chris De Burgh, or because they fear that the last remaining bridesmaid that no one wants to dance with will ask them for a dance?

Chris De Burgh - Don't Pay The Ferryman

Don't Pay The Ferryman reached #48 in the UK singles chart in 1982, but reached #5 in Australia, #9 in Ireland and #34 America. The song featured on the album The Getaway, which was #1 in Germany and peaked at #30 in the UK album charts. The track includes lines from Shakespeare's The Tempest spoken by Anthony Head.

The Getaway features a pleasant mix of rock, pop and power ballads, and synthesizers feature quite heavily to add a wonderful atmosphere to many of the tracks. Don't Pay The Ferryman is particularly haunting, and like many of the songs on the album it has a story to tell. Thankfully, there aren't too many sugary songs which feature on his later albums.
Don't Pay The Ferryman 7 inch vinyl sleeve - Chris De Burgh
A Spaceman Came Travelling
This is an awesome video clip from 1978 featuring Chris De Burgh performing A Spaceman Came Travelling live. Check out the flared trousers! The song was originally released in 1975, reaching #1 in Ireland, but has been re-released many times since then, including a remix in 1986 which reached #40 in the UK.




HomeChris De Burgh - Home (album)

Released in 2012, Home is Chris De Burgh's latest album and features 14 acoustic tracks.


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