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The Visa was France's very own supermini and was built between 1978 and 1988. It was replaced by the AX.

The video features an early 80s TV advert for the Citroen Visa. I never owned a Visa as I wasn't old enough to drive one at the time (a good reason not to own one then!) but I did buy a Citroen AX in the early 90's, which was very reliable and economical. A tank of fuel would cost around £10 which would last me for ages!

In the video clip above you can see a demonstration of how to cold start a Visa - perseverance pays off!

Citroen Visa II Special from the 1980's
Citroen Visa Special

The public domain photos above are of a Citroen Visa II special. Not sure what's so special about them, though!

This video from 1981 features the next generation of Citroen Visa - the Visa II. Erm, well it's not a lot different to the previous model really, is it?

How Not to Drive a Citroen Visa!

Just for fun, here we have someone's sister trying to reverse a Citroen Visa out of their drive. According to the uploader "My Visa driven by my sister. The engine is still fantastic, smooth and high powered!". Now, I'm not going to say anything about women drivers for fear of being lynched! It might have been okay in the 80's, but not in today's politically correct World. Whatever happened to having a sense of humour?  

VISA GT 1982
1982 Citroen Visa GT. Photo credit: Hugo90
Citroen Visa Mk1
1980 Citroen Visa Mk1 with 652cc boxer-two engine. The question is, is it red or orange?
Photo credit: ReallyLoud
Citroen Visa rally car
Citroen Visa rally car. Photo by Visart
rusty old citroen visa GTi
A rusty old Citroen Visa GTi
1986 Citroen Visa Leader Diesel (1769cc engine). Creative Commons photo.




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