This eighties one hit wonder joined the small list of songs that have been sung entirely in French (Vanessa Paradis and Manhattan Transfer spring to mind) and have made it into the UK music charts.

French singer Desireless (real name Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop) did just that in 1988, peaking at #5 in the singles chart. Written by Jean-Michel Rivat, it reached #1 in many countries, although only managed #2 in France, although it held that posiition for four weeks. It was taken from the debut album Francois (1989) which peaked at #29 in France.

Now, I know there were some very bold haircuts around in the 80s, but I find that one pretty disturbing, to say the least!

Desireless released a new album in 2011 entitled  L'expĂ©rience Humaine.

Desireless Voyage Voyage single
Desireless - Ses Plus Grands Success - sleeve front artwork


Here's a nice dance remix which I hope you will also enjoy listening to. This starts off sounding like an 80's mix, and then suddenly at 0:50 the beat kicks in and it sounds very Noughties. Hmm, this mix is really growing on me!


John is about a soldier who dies on a mission, and was the follow-up single to Voyage, Voyage. It was a #1 in Russia, and peaked at #5 in France, although it was the last ever chart hit in France for Desireless. The single only managed to reach #92 here in the UK.

Desireless Francois