70s Disco Costume Ideas for Ladies

On this page you'll find a wide range of women's disco style costumes. For an eye-catching 70s look, you can't go far wrong by dressing up as one of the girls from ABBA.

As you will see, a groovy range of 70s disco outfits and clothing items are available in a wide-range of colours and styles, inc, catsuits, jumpsuits, Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, hot pants etc.



ABBA Costumes for Women
70s Jumpsuit Costumes for Women
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ABBA Dancing Queen white jumpsuit costume for women
ABBA Dancing Queen Fancy Dress Costume (Size 10-14)

You'll be able to boogie all night long in this easy-to-wear 70s fashion outfit, which is perfect for ABBA, disco and 70s themed parties.

ABBA pink and white Mamma Mia 1970s Costume
Pink or Blue Mamma Mia Costume (sizes 6-24)

This popular seventies ABBA costume includes trousers with Metallic Hemline, and a matching dress with Belt. Ideal for 70s, disco and, of course, ABBA themed parties and events.

70s ABBA Kimono Disco Costume for Ladies
70s Disco Kimono Costume (Small to Large)

Create one of the Swedish pop group's classic fashion looks with this pink and white outfit which includes a kimono top, flared trousers and matching belt.

White ABBA Fancy Dress Costume for Ladies
White Mamma Mia Costume (sizes 8-18)

This gorgeous white outfit includes a 3-piece Ladies Velour Costume - top- belt- flared trousers. Please note that the price varies for each size.

Women's Silver and Blue Abba Waterloo Costume
Silver/Blue Waterloo Jumpsuit (size 6-8 only)

This is a striking 70s style jumpsuit with belt, and ideal for creating an ABBA or 70s disco look.

70s Jumpsuit Fancy Dress Outfit for Women - blue or pink
Dancing Dream Disco Jumpsuit - Blue or Pink (sizes 4-14 available)

Well, this is certainly an eye-catching costume and also available at a great price, too. The shiny, metallic look with triple flared legs will certainly turn heads on the dance floor!

Colourful 1970s Shiny Disco Dress
1970s Multi-coloured Disco Dress

A low-cost, easy to wear, shiny fancy dress disco dress. Add go-go boots and wig to complete your look.

70s Funky Hippy Lady - Psychedelic Costume
Funky Hippy Lady (size 10-12)

Includes a long-sleeved flowery tie top with matching bell bottom trousers. Perfect for a 70s disco, and a great price, too!

1970s Turquoise Sequin Disco Dress
1970s Sequin Disco Diva (sizes 10-18)

This stylish, low-cost costume includes a turquoise blue sequin finish long bell sleeved dress. Wig sold separately.

SMiffy's Black Disco Diva Costume for Women
70s Disco Diva by Smiffy's (sizes 8-18)

This sleek black outfit will be a sure-fire head-turner on the dance floor and includes a headscarf and belt.


ABBA Flick Wig for Women
1970s Silver Disco Jumpsuit - Fancy Dress Costume for Women
Silver Disco Jumpsuit Costume (sizes 8-18)

A sleek silver jumpsuit with flared bottoms which is features circle patterns. Absolutely ideal for a 70s disco look and you'll be grooving all night long in this costume!

70s Psychedelic Neon Disco Catsuit for Ladies
Psychedelic Catsuit Costume (sizes 36-46)

A stunning, neon-coloured outfit which is cut in a sexy halterneck style and has a super wide-bottomed pants. Please note that the wig is not included.

Shiny, Gold Disco Costume (sizes 8-14)

Dazzle 'em on the dancefloor is this golden stretch jumpsuit. Add a 70s wig and tall boots to complete your look.


Pschedelic Disco Jumpsuit Costume for Women
Disco Mamma Costume (Medium/Large)

This highly-rated costume includes a zipper-front jumpsuit in a metallic, multi-coloured swirly pattern print with flared sleeves and legs, large collar and a shimmery pink belt with gold buckle.