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2010 Releases

This page features all the Classic Dr Who DVD re-releases from 2010.  As usual, all of these are re-mastered, official DVD's/Box Sets with lots of excellent extras.

Peladon Tales Box Set - Jon Pertwee (Released 13th Jan 2010) 

Average Customer Rating 4.2 out of 5

Featuring two outings to peladon - The Curse Of Peladon and The Monster Of Peladon. Both stories feature Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and this 3 disc set features lots of extra commentary, photos, documentaries and pdf material.

This boxset has been well received by Doctor Who fans with nobody rating below 3 stars at Amazon, so far. In The Curse Of Peladon (from the 9th season in 1972) we see the return of the Ice Warriors whose last appearance was with Patrick Troughton, and they return again for the last time in the second story (from the 11th season 1973-74), and haven't been seen since, so these discs are worth purchasing just to see them again, or for the first time if you're too young to have seen them the first time around.  I like the fact that the Peladon stories are set on the alien planet, and this is a welcome break from the Earth-bound stories, of which there are too many featuring Pertwee. The alien landscapes make these feel more like proper sci-fi stories, and they're both well thought out. Well worth adding to your collection.

The Space Museum & The Chase - William Hartnell (Box Set released 1st March 2010)

Average Rating 3.9

The majority of fans have rated this pretty highly, although there are a few 1 and 2 star ratings. Perhaps it is the fact that these are less serious, easier to watch stories (more akin to the Peter Cushing 60s films which were aimed more at a pre-teen audience) that bothers ardent fans. If you're a dalek fan then The Chase will be of more interest, although, the fact that it's so full of fun (in a way that only the 60s could produce) has left Who fans to rate this as one of the worst Dalek stories. Personally, I found it highly entertaining and it made a change from the more sinister and serious Davros stories, although he didn't appear until 1975, of course. But I can see why some fans don't like it one bit.

The Space Museum features four episodes;

Ep.1-"The Space Museum",-Wandering around the museum one of the exhibits catches their eye.
Ep.2-"The Dimensions of Time",-the Doctor plays mind games with a mind probe.
Ep.3-"The Search",-Vickie encourages the Xerosians to revolt.
Ep.4-"The Final Phase",-the Doctor is prepared for his, "exhibition", but the revolution is successful and the Tardis crew leave Xeros. With a device called a time space visualizer.

The Chase features six episodes;

Ep 1- The Executioners, The Daleks despatch the execution squad.
Ep 2- The Death of Time, The Aridians are coerced by the Daleks to hand over the Tardis crew.
Ep 3- Flight through Eternity, a mystery of the sea is finally explained.
Ep 4- Journey Into Terror, Just a haunted house, or a nightmare world?
Ep 5- The Death of Doctor Who, Double trouble for the Doctor.
Ep 6- The Planet of Decision, Success, and a way back to a "normal" life for some of the Tardis crew, if they take it.

Plus, of course, there is a third disc packed with extras, and these are particularly good.

Myths And Legends Box Set: The Time Monster/Underworld/The Horns Of Nimon (DVD Released 29th March 2010)

Average Rating 3.3

None of these stories are widely regarded as classics, but none of them are stinkers either, and this is a box set that is stil worthy of being included in any Who fan's collection. The fact is that these are very enjoyable stories with plenty of thrills, but are, perhaps, too close to pantomime and mainstream for real fans.

Underworld is the most serious story, and even Tom Baker plays his more serious side for most of the time, although Pertwee fans would have you believe that The Time Monster is the best of the bunch. I would say that Underworld is a little dull compared to the other two stories. In The Horns Of Nimon, for instance, all of the cast are very energetic and the script matches their enthusiasm, although the sets let the story down slightly. Watch out for a young Janet Ellis in this one!

THE TIME MONSTER from 1972 brings to a close Jon Pertwee's third series.

UNDERWORLD is the second to last story of Tom Baker's fourth series playing the part, alongside Louise Jameson as Leela, and is a four parter that dates from 1978.

THE HORNS OF NIMON dates from the cusp of 1979 and 1980 and is Graham Williams' last broadcast story as Producer. Tom Baker is in his penultimate year in the part, this time alongside a rather foxy Lalla Ward as Romana in a script overseen by Douglas Adams.

The Creature From The Pit - Tom Baker (DVD released 3rd May 2010) 

Average Rating 3.5

The 1979 Doctor Who adventure "The Creature from the Pit" finds Tom Baker's fourth Doctor in decidedly tongue-in-cheek mode on the planet Cloris, a world where metal is in such short supply its possession means power, and where a very large green alien is annoyed at being kept prisoner in a pit. As so often the Doctor gets caught between two feuding parties, here the power-crazed Lady Adrasta (Myra Frances) and her court, and a bunch of Pythonesque bandits led by John Bryans. This motley crew reveal the influence of script editor Douglas Adams, while more fun is to had from Baker's interaction with the astrologer Organon, played by Geoffrey "Catweazle" Bayldon in a role which recalls Adams' Slartibartfast from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

This story is often criticized by fans for containing too much wit, but maybe they're just a miserable bunch who need to accept that sci-fi doesn't always need to be deadly serious - Red Dwarf is a good example. Overall, this is an enjoyable story with some great ideas, but let down by rather uncovincing monsters. That said, the set design is good and there are some great costumes here. Lalla Ward also puts in a good performance as Romana.

Kamelion Tales Box Set: The King's Demons / Planet of Fire - Peter Davison (Box Set released 14th June 2010)

Average Rating 3.5

Peter Davison is the Doctor in both of these stories and battles againts The Master in both of them - The King’s Demons and Planet of Fire. The Time Lords battle in the beautiful locations of a medieval castle and the island of Lanzarote; each time, the Master takes advantage of the local religion.

There are only six episodes here altogether, which doesn't make for much of a box set, although the decent extras make up for this a little. The King's Demons is only a two-part story set on Earth in 1215, in which we are introduced to Kamelion, a shape-shifting robot who was supposed to be a replacement for K-9. However, we never really saw him again! Indeed, the story itself seems only to have been created to introduce us to Kamelion and lacks structure.

Planet Of Fire, at least, looks expensive being filmed in Lanzarote, but these are not the greatest of Doctor Who stories and this isn't a box set that offers great value. Strictly for Davison fans only.

The Dominators - Patrick Troughton (DVD released 12th July 2010) 

Average rating 3.6

The first story of Patrick Troughton's third and final season as Doctor Who comes to DVD. It runs for five episodes and it sees the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit the planet of Dulkis. The humanoid inhabitants of the place are all peaceful pacifists. So their leaders don't want to stand up and fight back when a spaceship from ruthless humanoid race the Dominators lands and takes over the place, with the intent of blowing up the planet in order to use it for fuel supply.

The two Dominators have robotic servants called the Quarks. Can the Doctor and his friends, plus a handful of Dulcians who go against the wishes of their elders, save the day?

A very good restoration job has been done on this DVD release which is now far superior to the VHS version. Poor costumes and a storyline that feels somewhat stretched out to make the five episodes are a letdown, but Patrick Troughton's great acting (Matt Smith has certainly been influenced by this guy), the briliiant Quark robots (you have to see these!) and the fun extras kind of make-up for this, and there is still much to enjoy here.  

The Cybermen Box Set (released 9th Aug 2010)

Average rating 3.9

Anything with the Cybermen in usually goes down well with most fans, but Silver Nemesis (with Sylvester McCoy) is probably the poorest Cybermen story ever!. However, although part one is a let-down as it never seems to quite get going, there is a nice bit of fighting to be had in part two, but that's my sad attempt at finding something positive to say about the story! tThere's no getting away from the fact that the script is weak and it's all a bit like watching pantomime.

Thankfully, Revenge Of The Cybermen is one of the better Cybermen stories, and so saves this box set from being a complete disaster, although the two stories really are totally unrelated. If you're a Tom Baker fan that really needs the story on DVD, then this is, unfortunately,  the only way you can purchase it as it isn't available on its own.

Silver Nemesis begins in 1988 on 23rd November. Lady Peinforte and her loyal servant Richard have travelled from the year 1638 for this moment. Herr de Flores' dreams of establishing the Fourth Reich rest on this point in time. The Cybermen's planned invasion of Earth is scheduled for the same time.

The link between the three? The statue Nemesis, fashioned from validium - the living metal first made by Rassilon on Gallifrey and capable of bestowing the power of life and death on any individual. Can the Doctor and Ace prevent its awesome power from falling into any of their evil hands?

In Revenge of the Cybermen, the Doctor, (Tom Baker) Sarah and Harry arrives on the Nerva Beacon, hoping to find the TARDIS waiting for them, instead the intrepid trio find a space station in the grip of a deadly plague that has wiped out most of its crew. But the Doctor soon comes to suspect that the 'plague' is no natural illness – and that some of his oldest and most fearsome foes are behind it...

The beacon has been set up to warn space traffic of a new satellite orbiting Jupiter, but one craft is taking no notice of the order to stay clear – a Cybership. The satellite is Voga, Planet of Gold, home to the seemingly harmless Vogans – but why are the Cybermen so determined to destroy it?

Without the TARDIS, the Doctor is unable to return Sarah and Harry to the 20th Century. But then Sarah falls victim to the mystery virus, and unless the Doctor can find a cure – quickly – she will never make it home at all...

Time And The Rani - Sylvester McCoy (DVD released 13th Sept 2010) 

Average rating 3.0

Well, this release really has split opinion with an equal number of 5 star and 1 star ratings. I remember not enjoying this at all when watching it on TV back in the 80s. However, after watching this DVD release I have found much more to enjoy. Maybe it's because I have a much more mature brain, but I found myself actually enjoying this story. It's far from being a classic, but there is great energy here, (particularly with McCoys acting) along with some interesting ideas and decent special effects. This certainly deserves 3.5, and the 1 and 2 star ratings on Amazon are over harsh. Definitely not as bad as some fans would have you believe.

Featuring Sylvester McCoy as the newly regenerated seventh Doctor, this new DVD features the Doctor’s battle with the evil Rani. After being attacked by the Rani, the TARDIS crash-lands on the planet Lakertya. On the floor of the console room, the Doctor begins his sixth regeneration...

In his post-regenerative confusion the Doctor is separated from his young companion Mel and tricked into assisting the Rani in her megalomaniac scheme to construct a giant time manipulator.

Lost on the barren surface of the planet, Mel has to avoid the Rani's ingenious traps and her monstrous, bat-like servants, the Tetraps. She joins forces with a rebel faction among the Lakertyans, desperate to end the Rani's control of their planet.

The Doctor must recover his wits in time to avoid becoming a permanent part of the Rani's plan to collect the genius of the greatest scientific minds in the Universe...

Doctor Who: Revisitations Box Set Volume 1 (The Caves Of Androzani / The Talons Of Weng-Chiang / Doctor Who - The Movie)

Average rating 3.4

Released 4th Oct 2010 - Ft. Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Paul McGann

Revisitations 1 is a 7-disc boxset containing updated and remastered versions of three previous Doctor Who DVD releases - ‘The Talons of Weng-Chiang’, ‘The Caves of Androzani’ and ‘Doctor Who – The Television Movie’ with 3 extra discs of special features, which equates to over 300 minutes of brand new content.

In the first of our adventures, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, our inimitable Doctor Who and his assistant Leela are confronted by sinister and seemingly inexplicable occurrences in this gripping thriller set in the shadowy depths of nineteenth century London.

The Caves of Andozani takes place on the barren world of Androzani, where the Doctor and Peri find themselves embroiled in a long running underground war.

In our final story, Paul McGann stars in his only outing as the eight Doctor in Doctor Who: The Movie.

The Seeds of Doom - Tom Baker (DVD released Oct 2010)

Average rating 4.9

With over 40 customers giving 5 star ratings, this has to be one of the most highly-rated stories ever, and it comes from the golden era of Doctor Who with Tom Baker at the helm. This is surprisingly violent at times, but it needs to be if the doctor is to deal with both alien and human monsters!

The fact that all six episodes are free of K-9  is a blessing -  I always found him so irritating and unecessary) This is a very well-made with a great script and a is well-acted - a true classic!

The plot: When scientists unearth two seed pods deep in the arctic permafrost, the Doctor and Sarah Jane rush to investigate. Soon the Doctor’s worst fears are confirmed: the pods house Krynoids, one of the most parasitic and dangerous life forms in the universe. One of the creatures has already infected a scientist and now a hideous monster is rampaging through the Base, intent on total destruction.

When the second pod is stolen amidst the escalating carnage, it is transported into the hands of insane botanist Harrison Chase. From his mansion in England, the plant-obsessed Chase will allow the pod to split open. Both the ruthless millionaire and the rapidly growing carnivorous Krynoid are intent on infecting and destroying our entire world..