Classic British Drama

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This selection of DVD titles will jog your memory about the brilliant TV dramas we all used to watch back in the golden age of TV.

There are many forgotten classics here, so why not treat yourself to a DVD and have a cosy night in watching your favourite series from years gone by, or a series you never got around to watching but always wanted to!



SimplyEighties Top Picks
Threads BBC DVD

DVD released Nov 18th 2013

Nuclear paranoia was at its height when this shocking docu-drama was aired on the BBC. Threads is a powerful, thought-provoking TV film that deals with the after-math of a nuclear attack by Russia on the UK

This is a chilling drama that certainly packs a punch, and doesn't hold back on showing us what could so easily have been a sickening reality at the time.
Boys From The Black Stuff DVD - BBC

Boys From The Blackstuff

This gritty drama deals with the struggles and pain of living in a bleak, recession-hit Liverpool during the early 80s. This series truly captures the essence of what it was like to be working class living under the Thatcher government.

The best-remembered character was Yosser Hughes (brilliantly played by Bernard Hughes), whose poignant catchphrases "Give us a job" and "I can do that" were, somehow, both humourous and very sad at the same time.

The Singing Detective DVD
The Singing Detective

This flawless drama is based in three decades, the 1980s, 30s and 40s. The story deals with the troubles of writer Philip Marlow, and both the script and production can only be described as fantastic! The old cliche "they don't make 'em like this anymore" certainly rings true - a Dennis Potter masterpiece!