Ford Granada

There are over 60 videos in the above playlist which include a wide range of Granada models being raced, crashed, painted, started or simply admired.

I had the pleasure of driving a top-of-the-range Granada back in 1987 during my brief stint as a driver at a local Ford garage, and the smoothness of the handling and luxuriousness of the interior blew me away. Mind you, after driving my Austin Metro City X then even a skateboard would feel like luxury!

The European Ford Granada was built between 1972 and 1985, and until 1994 in the UK (the Ford Scorpio was built as a replacement in Europe). The American Granada was built between 1975 and 1982.

The Granada was an executive car that was built by Ford Europe in Dagenham, England (1972 to 1976) and Cologne in Germany. All production switched to Germany after 1976. 

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1982 Ford Granada Ghia X
Ford Granada Car from the 80's

1982 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia X at a car show at Coalpit Heath, near Bristol, England. Photo taken by Adrian Pingstone in July 2004 and released to the public domain.

Ford Granada Mk1 Coupe
Granada Mk1 Coupe (1974).
Ford Granada Mk1 brown
Ford Granada Mk1 two door sedan. This was badged as a Consul until 1975.
Ford Granada 2.8i
Ford Granada 2.8i Mk2
Creative Commons Images
Ford Granada
This Creative Commons image (some rights reserved) is by wallygrom of a Mk2 Granada was taken in 1989
British Ford Granada Police Car from the 80s
Photo Credit: kenjonbro via Compfight cc
An old Granada British Police Car
Orange Ford Granada 2.3 Estate
Orange Granada 2.3 Estate
Photo Credit: Johnny Vulkan via Compfight cc


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