Fuzzbox came together in 1985. Their name was chosen after they bought a distortion pedal for their guitars and Maggie Dunne stated "We've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it!"

The girls first punk-influenced album Bostin' Steve Austin spawned one chart single hit with "Love Is The Slug" which peaked at No.31 in the UK singles chart during 1986.

However, the band's first real success didn't come until 1989, when they signed to WEA for their second album, "Big Bang!", which reached No.5 in the UK album charts. The four girls ditched their punk image and reinvented themselves as a slick dance/pop group (too much like Bananarama for my liking!), with Vickie Perks being cast centre stage as the sexy one!

The first three singles from the album, "International Rescue" (UK No.11), "Pink Sunshine" (UK No.14) and "Self!" (UK No.24) all reached the UK Top 30.

However, Fuzzbox never had any more Top 40 success in the UK after this, and the fourth single released from the album, "Walking On Thin Ice", only peaked at #76.

They began work on a new album during 1990 entitled "Out Of This World", but the project was halted after the release of the first single "Your Loss, My Gain" failed to reach the top 40, although the band stated the split was due to 'musical differences'. Vickie Perks decided to start a solo career under the name of Vix whilst the other three members didn't bother!

There was a reunion in 2008 with an appearance at the UK's Birmingham's Gay Pride festival. There were releases of previously unreleased material and an album was later released of their two radio sessions for the late John Peel and sessions for Janice Long's show, entitled Love Is A Slug: Complete BBC Sessions

Love is the Slug by Fuzzbox (1986 vinyl single)

Love is the Slug (1986)

This was the band's first chart hit and reached No.31 in the UK singles chart.


International Rescue (1989)

The band were originally called "We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It", but wisely decided to shorten it to just "Fuzzbox" for their US releases, and this soon caught on in the UK. This was the girl bands first hit from the 1989 album "Big Bang" and reached No.11 in the UK.

Listening to this, I can't help but feel that the girls had completely lost their way with this nonsense. Fun it may be, but it's a world away from their punk roots.


  • Bostin' Steve Austin (Vindaloo Records) (1986)
  • We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It (Geffen Records) (1987) - Reissue of the first 12 songs on Bostin' Steve Austin
  • Big Bang (Warner Bros) (1989) UK #5



  • "XX Sex"/"Rules And Regulations" UK #41/UK Indie #1
  • "Rockin' With Rita (Head To Toe)"
  • "Love Is The Slug" UK #31


  • "What's The Point" UK #51, contains a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" (credited to Fuzzbox)


  • "International Rescue" UK #11
  • "Pink Sunshine" UK #14 (credited to Fuzzbox)
  • "Self!" UK #24 (credited to Fuzzbox)
  • "Walking On Thin Ice" UK #76


  • "Your Loss My Gain" UK #100 (Limited Release)


Your Loss My Gain (1990)

Okay, not quite an 80s hit, but this was the band's last single release (a limited release) and reached No.100 in the UK singles chart in 1990.


The Best of Fuzzbox

Look At The Hits On That! 

Fuzzbox's final album of the 80s - Big Bang!