80s Online Flash Game

Now, this brings back some fond gaming memories. I used to play this old game on my Atari 800XL. It came on a ROM cartridge which you simply plugged into the slot in the top of the machine. There was no waiting around for fancy intros and video sequences back in the 80s, and you simply got on and enjoyed playing the actual game. That is, unless you were loading the game from a tape deck, of course, in which case you could be waiting around for up to 20 minutes, or forever if you didn't clean the tape heads!


Use your mouse to steer left and right and use the left button to fire. Avoid crashing into the centipede!



A Brief History

Centipede was one a very few games from the early eighties that was had a large female following. It was programmed and designed by Dona Bailey (one of the very limited number of women programmers from this era) and Ed Logg, who also helped to develop the sequel Millipede, as well as other popular Atari games such as Asteroids and Super Breakout.

There were many unofficial clones of the game including Aqua Attack (for the BBC computers), Bug Blaster (for the C64 and BBC/Acorn) and Mushroom Alley (C64). Milton Bradley (MB) Games also produced an official Centipede board game.
Centipede Arcade Game Flyer by Atari
Promotional flyer for Centipede by Atari
Centipede Game cartridge - Atari 2600 - 1988 silver label
Centipede Atari 2600 - original video game cartridge from 1982
Here we have a silver label Atari 2600 cartridge from 1988 (the silver background design was used throughout the entire Atari software and hardware range at the time) and an original cartridge from 1982. Atarisoft also released versions for the 8-bit computers such as the Atari 800.