Holly Johnson being interviewed and performing Atomic City on German TV

With its intro sampled from T-Rex, Atomic City was, in my opinion, the best track on the best-selling Blast album. This was the third solo single release by Holly Johnson after leaving Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and reached #18 in the UK singles chart.

The song was a bit more Frankie-sounding than the previous two middle-of-the-road singles Love Train (featuring Brian May on Guitar) and Americanos, which both reached #4. However, it wasn't produced by Trevor Horn, of course, as Holly had well and truly fallen out with him after winning the court battle against ZTT records - this freed him from their contract which was unfairly stopping him from pursuing a solo career.

Atomic City was actually produced by music producer Dan Hartman, who had numerous dance and disco hits inc. Instant Replay and Relight My Fire - you may remember Take That and Lulu doing a cover together of the latter tune.

Sadly, Atomic City was Holly's last Top 40 hit single in the UK - blast!

Holly Johnson on the cover of Smash Hits in Feb 1989

Smash Hits Feb 1989 

Atomic City Remix Vinyl by Holly Johnson