What's The Colour of Money - Hollywood Beyond (1986)

This Birmingham-based music act was actually just one person - Mark Rogers - who composed the song and sang the vocals. Sadly for Mark, this track was a one hit wonder, reaching #7 in the UK charts in 1986.

The follow-up single No More Tears failed to break the Top 40, peaking at #47. An album entitled "If" was also released on the Warner Bros. label, but it also failed to become a hit.

Hollywood Beyond - If
What's The Colour Of Money - vinyl single sleeve - Hollywood Beyond
Save Me
I'm still trying to make my mind up whether something has landed on that guys head, or if that's just another way out 80s hairstyle! Whatever it is, it didn't help the song to become a hit. He kind of looks like that guy out of 2 Unlimited don't you think?