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Jet Set Willy (1984)


Anyone who owned a ZX Spectrum will probably have played this classic platform game. In this sequel to Manic Miner (this was released in 1983), you must help miner Willy to tidy up his mansion after an extravagant party - simply collect the objects and avoid the nasties. When he has done this, his housekeeper will allow him access to his bedroom to get some sleep.

During play the game will flip from screen to screen as you move towards the edge of the screen - scrolling was a luxury in those days! The original release was impossible to complete due to a number of bugs, but, hopefully, these weren't included in the free flash version below!

Jet Set Willy was the NO.1 best-selling Spectrum game for a substantial period during 1984. As with the the original 80s version, the flash version of the game is easy to get into. Simply use your left and right arrow keys to move Willy, and use the up arrow key to jump. Have fun!


Jet Set Willy on the Atari 8-bits
The Atari 8-bit conversion by Tynesoft (released in 1987) was considered by many critics to have poor graphics and animations. However, I enjoyed playing the game on my Atari 800XL and Rob Hubbard's Jarresque, music score was one of his finest works, and music often had that metallic, twangy edge to it on the Atari.

For most other versions of the game the music was Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

Jet Set Willy title screen from C64
C64 Title Screen


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