Video: Kajagoogoo performing live on The Tube in 1983


80s Synthpop Kings

With their flashy hair, lush music production and basslines to die for, Kajagoogoo are about as eighties as you can get, but in a good way, of course. The band are best remembered for their No.1 UK single Too Shy. It was taken from the band's debut album White Feathers which reached No.5 in the UK charts and No.38 in the U.S.

During 1983, Kajagoogoo achieved success with two more UK hits from the White Feathers album which were; Ooh to be Ah (No.7 - UK) and Hang On Now (No.13 - UK). The album was mainly produced by Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and their own producer Colin Thurston.

Now they wouldn't have been a proper eighties band without a big bust-up, and in mid 1983 that's exactly what happened as lead singer, Limahl, was fired by the rest of the band!

The new Kajagoogoo with new lead singer Nick Beggs (the bassist) released the single Big Apple which reached No.8 in the UK in late 1983. The follow-up single The Lion's Mouth reached No.25 in 1984. Both were taken from their next album Islands which only managed to scrape into the Top 40 at No.35 during 1984.

Sadly, this proved to be Kajagoogoo's last Top 40 single.

Limahl's Website - What's he up to?

Limahl had brief success as a solo artist in 1983 and 1984. He had two hit singles "Only For Love" (No.16 - UK) and "The Never Ending Story" (No.4 - UK), which was produced by Giorgio Moroder.

Unfortunately, his album "Don't Suppose" only reached No. 63, and all of his other singles such as "Too Much Trouble" flopped.

Kajagoogoo re-formed in May 2009 and are now touring again!

Kajagoogoo - Big Apple 

Big Apple was the first track to be released as a single from Kajagoogoo's second album Islands. It was also the first single to feature the band's bassist Nick Beggs as the replacement lead singer for Limahl.  The song reached #8 in the UK. I love the track (particularly the bass) but I can't help feeling that Nick Beggs sounds more like a backing singer than a frontman. Nice effort, though, and at least he sang in key.

Space Cadet (2009 Official Video)
This is the official promotional video for "Space Cadet", a funky track that features on the band's 2009 compilation album Too Shy - The Best Of Kajagoogoo And Limahl - Not to be confused with the album below which was released in 2003.  In fact, there are no less than nine compilation albums, so there are plenty to choose from!

As with almost all of the bands songs, Space Cadet features a gorgeous bassline and the video was released merely to promote the album and was, sadly, not released as a single.






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