Kate Bush - The Big Sky (1986)
Released on 28th April 1986, this was the last single to be lifted from Kate Bush's best-selling Hounds Of Love album, reaching #37 in the British singles chart. It was the least successful of the four singles from the album, although that is pretty much the norm with single releases. Previous singles were the title track, Cloudbusting and Running Up That Hill.

The Big Sky is a song about simple childhood pleasures such as lying back and staring at the clouds in the sky, and pleasures that we have little time for as adults. The Meteorological Mix (featured in the video above) featured on the 12 inch single. This also included Not This Time (the B-side from the 7 inch) and a bonus track entitled Morning Fog.

Hounds Of Love has to be up there with the very best albums of the 80s. It's loaded with atmospheric songs that you want to listen to again and again. From the trippy The Big Sky featured above, to the oddity of Mother Stands For Comfort, all sounding so unique and unpredictable that you're never quite sure which direction Kate is going to take you.
Kate Bush Hounds Of Love Album Sleeve




Kate Bush - The Big Sky - 12 inch vinyl


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