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A fresh-faced Kim Wilde posing in London on 1st January 1980. To coin a phrase, she has that "girl next door look".

A very happy Kim at the Sony Radio Awards, Hilton Hotel on 29th May 1984.

The Face magazine - March 1982 - Kim Wilde
Kim on the cover of The Face magazine in March 1982.


Kim and Boy George enjoying a night out in London in 1985.

Sept 1982: Kim Wilde in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A classic, late 1980s look here with Kim wearing a loose, acid-washed denim shirt and a rather nice hat in January 1987.

Another striped top. Photo taken in Copenhagen, 1981.

Look-in magazine 13 Aug 1988 ft. Kim Wilde, Garfield and Stefan Edberg

Look-In magazine 13th Aug 1988 ft. Kim Wilde, Stock-Car Racing, Gardfield and Stefan Edberg.