More Eighties Style Leggings
Here is another page of leggings which can be used for 80s dress-up. They're ideal for fancy dress and 1980s themed parties and events, any you can also wear them casually, too!
Chain print leggings with neon colours

These are a great idea and perfect for an 80s punk look.

40 Denier Footless Tights

These low-cost, plain, neon pink footless tights are perfect for 80s dress-up.

Pamela Mann 50 denier footless tights (purple)
Pamela Mann Footless Tights

These 50 denier footless tights by Pamela Mann are available in a range of colours for sizes 8-16, and are ideal for adding to an 80s fitness look.

Tartan Print Punk Leggings

Create a cost-effective punk look with these low-cost, classic red tartan print leggings.

More Punk Costume Ideas

Pink Leopard Print

Soft and stretchy, pink or classic leopard print leggings in two sizes for 8-14.

Classic Leopard Print

Featuring a classic, animal print design, these low cost leggings are available for sizes 8-14.

Zebra Print Leggings

Featuring black and white zebra print, these come in two sizes and are ideal for 80s or Halloween dress-up.

Baleza Zebra Print

A nice, low-cost choice and choose from pink or black and white zebra print in sizes 8-10 or 12-14.

Anna-Kaci, Neon 80s style graffiti art and leopard print leggings
Anna-Kaci, Neon 80s Graffiti Art/Leopard Print

These gorgeous leggings feature a vibrant, multi-coloured leopard print and spray paint pattern design which is perfect for 80s dress-up.

Multi-Coloured Animal Print

Eye-catching, multi-coloured stretchy zebra print leggings for sizes XXS to medium and at a bargain price!

Neon 80s Zebra Print

For sizes small to medium, these eye-catching, rainbow zebra print leggings will really get you noticed!