More Eighties Style Leggings
Here is another page of footless tights and leggings which can be used for 80s dress-up. They're ideal for fancy dress and 1980s themed parties and events, any you can also wear them casually, too! Wear with scrunched-up leg warmers to create a classic eighties look.
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40 Denier Footless Tights

These low-cost, but comfortable plain neon pink footless tights are perfect for 80s dress-up.

Pamela Mann Footless Tights

These 50 denier footless tights by Pamela Mann are available in a range of colours for sizes 8-16, and are ideal for adding to an 80s fitness look.

Lace Footless Leggings for Madonna Dress-up
Floral Lace Footless Tights

These elegant floral tights are particularly ideal for Madonna dress-up and are also available in white.

Blue Leopard Print Ripped Footless Tights

Now, these look fantastic (love the blue colour!) and could be used as part of a Punk or 80s rock costume. For sizes 8-14

Pink Leopard Print

Soft and stretchy, pink or classic leopard print leggings in two sizes for 8-14.

Leopard Animal Print Leggings
Classic Leopard Print

Featuring a classic, animal print design, these low cost leggings are available for sizes 8-14.
Ideal for a workout or rock chick style.
Classic 80s Zebra Print Leggings
Zebra Print Leggings

Featuring black and white zebra print, these come in two sizes and are ideal for 80s, hair band/metal or Halloween dress-up. For sizes 8-10 and 12-14.

Anna-Kaci, Neon 80s Graffiti Art/Leopard Print

These gorgeous leggings feature a vibrant, multi-coloured leopard print and spray paint pattern design which is perfect for 80s dress-up.

Multi-Coloured Animal Print

Eye-catching, multi-coloured stretchy zebra print leggings for sizes XXS to medium and at a bargain price!

Neon Rainbow Zebra Print Leggings
Neon 80s Zebra Print

For sizes small to medium (6-10), these eye-catching, rainbow zebra print leggings will really get you noticed!

Tartan Print Punk Leggings

Create a cost-effective punk look with these low-cost, classic red tartan print leggings.

More Punk Costume Ideas

Lace Detail Cycling Shorts

These elegant shorts are ideal for wearing as part of an 80s/Madonna style costume, and look particularly good with a petticoat skirt/tutu.