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What can I wear with leggings or tights to create an 80s costume?

On this page, I've included some of the latest leggings and tights that have an eighties feel to them. Many of these are not only perfect for creating a fancy dress outfit, but can also be worn as stylish casual wear, or even for dancing or exercising in.

If you want to create an eighties costume then add leg warmers. As a rule, leggings should be tight and tops should be loose and oversized. For an aerobics style, wear leggings with a leotard or tight shorts - visit our 80s workout page for more ideas. You can also wear leggings with a baggy blouse/shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt/top with batwing sleeves. Wear off one shoulder and you will be distinctly 80s! Neon or black mesh/fishnet tops were also popular (particularly after Madonna wore one over her lace bra in her Lucky Star video) and can be worn over a crop top, sports bra, vest top.

Finding items that can be used for 80s dress-up has proved to be pretty challenging as they aren't all available in one section on the Amazon website. However, the good news is that after a lot of extensive searching I've managed to find plenty of stylish, 80s-inspired leggings and they feature neon and block colours, geometrical shapes, animal print designs, splatter patterns etc. and are perfect for a 1980s look. 


Plain Leggings (22 colour choices!)

These versatile, plain leggings come in three sizes from 8-18 and can be easily added to any 80 costume. Lots of neon colours are available for an 80s party or fitness look, as well as black for a Madonna or rock/gothic look. 

Neon Pink Lycra Leggings 

Hot pink, stretchy leggings that are made in England. Available in sizes from small to XX-large. Highly rated by customers.

Also available in green and orange...



Neon Green Footless Tights

Also available in red and white, these tights are ideal for creating a dance/aerobics costume.

Metallic Wet Look Leggings (sizes 8 to 26)

These low-cost, shiny leggings are available in eight colours for sizes up to XXXL. Ideal for 80s dress-up and clubbing.

 Neon 80s Zebra Print Leggings

For sizes small to medium (6-10), these eye-catching, rainbow zebra print leggings will really get you noticed! 

Anna-Kaci, Neon 80s Graffiti Art/Leopard Print

These gorgeous leggings feature a vibrant, multi-coloured leopard print and spray paint pattern design which is perfect for 80s dress-up.

 Floral Lace Footless Tights

These elegant floral tights are particularly ideal for Madonna and Cyndi Lauper style dress-up.

 Blue Leopard Print Ripped Footless Tights

Now, these look fantastic (you have to love the blue colour!) and could be used as part of a Punk or 80s rock costume. For sizes 8-14
Colourful Splash Paint Style Leggings

Splash/splatter patterns became highly popular during the 1980s and these spandex leggings are absolutely ideal for wearing to 80s parties, festivals etc.

Neon Footless Tights (Six Colour Choices)
These tights from UK designer Pamela Mann have a classic 80s design, and are great value at £5.49 with free delivery. They have also received excellent reviews from customers at Amazon. They're available in six colours for sizes 8 to 16.
Neon striped Pamela Mann tights
Neon Striped Footless Tights (Nine Colours)
These quality Pamela Mann tights are ideal for forming part of an 80s style costume, and are very reasonably priced. Nine colour choices available for sizes 8 to 16.
Stripy Orange Tights
Striped Orange Tights

These low-cost tights are perfect for both Halloween and 80s dress-up.

Pink Leopard Print

Soft and stretchy, pink or classic leopard print leggings in two sizes for 8-14.

Classic Leopard Print

Featuring a classic, animal print design, these low cost leggings are available for sizes 8-14.
 Ideal for a workout or rock chick style.
Punk/Goth Ripped Tights

These low-cost tights are perfect for adding to punk, gothic and Halloween costumes.

Skeleton Bones Leggings
Skeleton Legs Footless Tights

Ideal for Halloween, these stretchy spandex footless tights also come in many other designs which you can see when you select the link.
Tetris Colour Blocks Leggings

Celebrate one of the most popular electronic puzzle games ever with these stylish leggings. Ideal for gaming fans and 80s dress-up.

Two Tone Chequered Leggings
Celebrate the ska and 2 Tone music era with these low cost leggings which are available in sizes small to large and would be ideal for an 80s or retro-themed event.
Leopard Print and Black Leggings
These are low-cost and ideal for creating an 80s look, particularly a more edgy, rock chick style. Wear a black tutu over the top and you'll really look the part. Alternatively, you could wear a mesh top over a bra/sports bra or a leopard print crop top, or just an 80s t-shirt with the leggings.
Neon Multi-Coloured Leopard Print
Now these stretchy, low-cost leggings look great and are perfect for creating an 80s outfit. 
Neon Blue and Pink Animal Print
Both modern and retro at the same time, these stylish leggings are available in two sizes 8-10 and 12-14, and they're at a nice price, too!
Cropped Leggings with Lace Detail

Bright and summery and available in sizes small to XLarge with a choice of eight colours.

Neon Pink or Lime Green with Black Bats
We love this design at SimplyEighties, and you can kill two birds with one stone (or two bats!) with these leggings, which are ideal for both Halloween or an 80s party. Available in sizes small to XX Large.
Geometric Pattern Leggings

An ideal design for 80s-dress-up, these quality leggings by Anna-Kaci feature a stretch-fit with elasticated waist and fits Small to Medium.

80s Pattern Leggings
80s Style Animal Print (size 8-10)

Popular and stylish leggings by Sofias Closet that are perfect for 80s dress-up. Featuring a bold and unique animal print design with splashes of neon colouring.

80s Block Colour Leggings

These have a nice 80s feel to them and could also be used to create a unique Rubik's Cube style outfit. Add an over-sized cube themed T-shirt and leg warmers

Womens Zebra Prunt Leggings

Classic Zebra Print Leggings

Featuring black and white zebra print, these come in two sizes and are ideal for 80s, hair band/metal or Halloween dress-up. For sizes 8-10 and 12-14.

 Multi-Coloured Animal Print Leggings by Demarkt

Eye-catching, multi-coloured stretchy zebra print leggings for sizes XXS to medium and at a bargain price!

Lace Detail Cycling Shorts

These elegant shorts are ideal for wearing as part of an 80s/Madonna style costume, and look particularly good with a petticoat skirt/tutu.

Tartan Print Punk Leggings

Create a cost-effective punk look with these popular and low-cost, classic red tartan print leggings.