80s Style Leopard Print Leggings
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What can I wear with leggings or tights to create an 80s costume?

On this page, I've included some of the latest leggings and tights that have an eighties feel to them. Many of these are not only perfect for creating a fancy dress outfit, but can also be worn as stylish casual wear, or even for dancing or exercising in.

If you want to create an eighties costume then add leg warmers. As a rule, leggings should be tight and tops should be loose and oversized. For an aerobics style, wear leggings with a leotard or tight shorts - visit our 80s workout page for more ideas. You can also wear leggings with a baggy blouse/shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt/top with batwing sleeves. Wear off one shoulder and you will be distinctly 80s! Neon or black mesh/fishnet tops were also popular (particularly after Madonna wore one over her lace bra in her Lucky Star video) and can be worn over a crop top, sports bra, vest top.

Finding items that can be used for 80s dress-up has proved to be pretty challenging as they aren't all available in one section on the Amazon website. However, the good news is that after a lot of extensive searching I've managed to find plenty of stylish, 80s-inspired leggings and they feature neon and block colours, geometrical shapes, animal print designs, splatter patterns etc. and are perfect for a 1980s look. 



This first selection of leggings is available at Redbubble who ship worldwide. Although the prices are higher than those at Amazon (further down the page), you have the added benefit of receiving a unique and quirky design created by an independent artist.


This selection of leggings link to amazon.co.uk.