Latest 80s Style Leggings

On this page I've included some of the latest leggings that have an 80s feel to them. Many of these are not only perfect for creating an 80s style outfit, but can also be worn as stylish casual wear, or even for dancing or exercising in, of course.

Finding leggings and footless tights that can be used for 80s dress-up has proved to be pretty challenging as they aren't all available in one section on the Amazon website. However, the good news is that I've managed to find many stylish, 80s-inspired leggings and they feature neon colours with geometrical shapes, animal print designs, splash patterns etc. and are perfect for an 80s look.
Plain leggings - 22 colour choices inc. plus size
Plain Leggings (22 colour choices!)

These versatile, plain leggings come in three sizes from 8-18 and can be easily added to any 80 costume. Lots of neon colours are available for an 80s party or fitness look, as well as black for a Madonna or rock/gothic look.

Neon 80s Footless Tights
Neon Footless Tights (Six Colour Choices)
These tights from UK designer Pamela Mann have a classic 80s design, and are great value at £5.49 with free delivery. They have also received excellent reviews from customers at Amazon. They're available in six colours for sizes 8 to 16.
Neon striped Pamela Mann tights
Neon Striped Footless Tights (Nine Colours)
These quality Pamela Mann tights are ideal for forming part of an 80s style costume, and are very reasonably priced. Nine colour choices available for sizes 8 to 16.
Neon Mosaic Leggings
Neon Mosaic/Geometric
Now these are very 80s indeed and have a high quality print - they are sure to outlast some of the cheaper leggings around.
neon pink, stripy summer pants
Neon Summer Pants
Very stylish and summery, these neon leggings with vertical black stripes have a trendy 80s feel to them.
check-patterned black and white  80s leggings
Two Tone Chequered
Celebrate the ska and 2 Tone music era with these plus size, stretchy leggings. These are available in sizes 12 to 26 and would be ideal for an 80s or retro-themed event.
leopard print leggings
Leopard Print and black
These are ideal for creating an 80s look, particularly a more edgy, rock chick look. Wear a black tutu over the top and you'll really look the part. Alternatively, you could just wear an over-sized top or 80s t-shirt with the leggings.
Neon Leopard Print Leggings
Neon Multi-Coloured Leopard Print
Now these stretchy leggings look great and are perfect for creating an 80s outfit. As I write, these can be bought for around £9 including delivery.
neon blue and pink animal print leggings
Neon Blue and Pink Animal Print
Both modern and retro at the same time, these stylish leggings are available in two sizes 8-10 and 12-14, and they're at a nice price, too!
Cropped Leggings with Lace Detail

Available in sizes small to XLarge with a choice of eight colours.

Neon Pink - Black Bats Leggings
Neon Green Bat Print Leggings
Neon Pink or Lime Green with Black Bats
We love this design at SimplyEighties, and you can kill two birds with one stone (or two bats!) with these leggings, which are ideal for both Halloween or an 80s party. Available in sizes small to XX Large.
Neon Rainbow Stripes Leggings
Neon Rainbow Stripes
These cheerful, brightly-coloured leggings could be worn as casual attire or used to create an eighties look. 
Neon Bubble Leggings
Neon Bubbles
The neon colours are very 80s on these soft and durable leggings, which makes them ideal for 80s fancy dress. Of course, they can also be worn as casual wear.
80s Style Animal Print (size 8-10)

Popular and stylish leggings by Sofias Closet that are perfect for 80s dress-up.

80s Race - Smiley, Happy Face Leggings
Neon Smiley Face - 80s Acid House

These happy face leggings can be used as part of a late 80s Rave/Acid House style costume.