Lunar Lander

You may remember playing Lunar lander, which was a simple but challenging game released by Atari in 1979. The in-game instructions in this updated version are not in English, but fear not, as the game is dead easy to play. By the way, if you scroll further down the page you can see video clips of the original versions of the game.

Instructions: The aim of the game is to land the space craft on the designated pads by controlling the lunar using the throttle which is controlled by your up, left and right arrow keys. Don't land too fast or you'll simply crash, and try not to run out of fuel by refueling at regular intervals - keep your eye on the fuel gauge!



This is the Commodore Pet version of Lunar Lander. There's a lot more maths involved and the very first versions were completely text-based. It was these type of games that many of us were learning to program on our home computers or at school, and this was an excellent way to learn maths, programming and have fun at the same time!
This official version was released into the arcades by Atari in 1979. The first home computer version was released by Adventure International in 1981. A similiar game called Jupiter Lander was released on the Commodore Vic 20 and C64 machines.