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For this page, we have hand-picked the best costumes from Amazon UK and that can be used to create a Madonna 1980s look. Items with too many negative reviews or inlated prices have been left out.
* NEW * 80s Material Girl Costume
This great value fancy dress outfit includes a pink layered dress with lace, black waist bow and a hot pink cuff. Available in Large, XL and XXL sizes. 

80s Rock Star Costume


80s Rock Star Costume for Ladies

This fabulous outfit recreates one of Madonna's iconic 80s looks and includes the white dress, black leggings, lace gloves, headband and shades. 
Madonna 80s Pop Bride Costume

Madonna 80s Virgin Pop Bride Fancy Dress Costume (Sizes 6 to 12)

Based on Madonna's iconic "Like A Virgin" style from the 1980s, this fabulous outfit includes a fitted dress with lace detail, head dress with veil, gloves and a garter. 
Madonna Gold Cone Bra Ambition Tour Costume

Blonde Ambition Tour Style Costume

Blonde Ambition Tour, Eighties Madonna Style/Pop Star outfit for sizes 8-12. This is a very nice-looking, gold metallic basque/corset design top, with cone bra shaped bust and hot pants.


Madonna gold 90s costume with cone bra


80's Queen Of Pop Adult Madonna Style Costume

This great value Blonde Ambition Tour style Madonna outfit includes gold coloured top with those legendary cones, shorts and hair band. Please note that the wig is not included. Search for Wigs


* NEW * 80s Mega Pop Star Costume

This is the most authentic costume available with a Desperately Seeking Susan 80s movie theme, and the only one to feature dungarees instead of a skirt. Ideal for those of you who don't like showing a lot of leg. 
Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan Costume

An excellent value and popular costume that includes the Jacket, Top, Tutu Skirt, Gloves, Headpiece. Based on Madonna's style in the movie and her other 80s styles.
80s Wild Child Costume
Reminiscent of her Desperately Seeking Susan days, this is a very popular costume and includes a Bolero style jacket, matching top, a tutu, a headpiece, gloves and the tights. Add a Madonna Wig to complete your look.


80s Madonna Rock Star Ladies Costume
80s Rock Chick Costume
Similar to the outfit Madge wore in the film Desperately Seeking Susan, this Madonna costume is available in sizes 6 to 22. It includes a bolero/shrug jacket with leopard print detailing, a matching black top, black tutu, black lace gloves, necklace and hairpiece. You may want to add a crucifix and wig for a really complete Madonna look.



1980's Funk Pop/Rock Star Costume

This outfit is especially ideal for a Cyndi Lauper/Madonna/Kim Wilde style and includes a tank top; lace over blouse; belt; skirt and pants. The wig is not included.



Bustier Dress (sizes 6-16 available)

A nicely-priced gothic style outfit which is perfect for creating a Madonna 80s look. Add some accessories such as religious jewellery and lace gloves and leggings to complete your look.


Black Pettocoat Skirt for MAdonna 80s Fancy Dress


Vintage Petticoat Skirt

Available in a range of colours, this highly-rated 50s style skirt is ideal for Madonna and 1980s dress-up.


1980s Black Bride Madonna Costume

This superb quality and value costume includes a black dress with arm warmers. *Please note: Stockings, veil and shoes not included. Ideal for 80s, Halloween and hen nights.





Dark Angel Costume
Dark Angel Costume for Adults

A fantastically gothic style outfit which borrows elements from Madonna's 80s style. Includes a corset style dress with crucifix design skirt, attachable wings, black halo and four black bracelets. Perfect for Halloween! Boots, tights and glovelets are not included.


80s PArty Girl Costume
Rubie's 80s Diva Costume for Adults

A standard size Madonna/Cyndi Lauper style party outfit which includes a petticoat dress, leggings, glovelets, chain belt, necklace, hairpiece and wristlet.


80's Icon Costume (size 16-18)

This outfit is ideal for creating a Madonna, Kim Wilde or rock style eighties look which includes a Top, Vest, Skirt, Leggings and Belt. Wig is not included.


80s Bad Girl Costume
This very Madonnaresque costume includes a laced corset, white skirt with attached 'BAD GIRL' buckle, lace leggings, and glovelets, and is especially ideal for an 80s party or event.


Madonna White Bride 80s Costume

This large-sized costume is ideal for creating Madge's virginal style from the eighties and is ideal for 80s, hen nights and fun runs. Please note that the veil and stockings are not included.


Madonna/Hen Party Veil on Comb

A low-cost, popular veil which is ideal for fun dress-up.


There are many more items on our accessories page

Madonna Like A Virgin 80s
Recreate the Madonna Virgin Bride Style

The essential components needed here are long, fingerless white lace gloves, white bustier, "Boy Toy" belt and a white skirt. As you can see in the second photo, she also wore a large crucifix necklace and white and silver beads around her neck.

During her "Like A Virgin" period, Madonna actually wore a number of outfits, but we'll stick with this iconic bridal look for now to avoid confusion. You can either purchase a ready-made costume, or buy the items separately.
Finding identical ones has been near impossible, but for fun fancy dress the following accessories will create a pretty decent costume.

Please note that quoted prices are subject to change.



Recreate Madonna's Early Style

Here we will create the style from Madonna's early career as an 80s pop star when she was releasing singles such as Borderline and Lucky Star. The main components are a sleeveless fishnet/mesh top covering a black bra (or vest top) with a stack of bracelets on the arms and a crucifix/ star earring.

There are no strict rules, though, as the pop icon wore countless outfits with many variations on the one shown here in the photo. However, here are some suggestions for the main items needed.

A black mesh/fishnet top worn over a black bra should create the main part of your costume. If you're not comfortable wearing a bra as outerwear then you could try a sports bracropped top or a vest/camisole top.

Add religious jewellery such as crucifix earrings and necklaces, and a stack of black and white or silver bangles and/or bracelets on each arm.

Madonna also made lace very popular and you can add lace fingerless gloves and lace tights to enhance your look.

Visit our Madonna Accessories page to get lots of ideas

Madonna in the 1980s
For your bottom half, go for a longer style black tutu, black cropped leggings or footless lace tights.



Get more inspiration with these photos and videos



Look Like Madonna - Create Your Own Costume

Create an individual or Madonna, Cyndi Lauper 80s look using the
Madonna Accessories page

Since Madonna first hit the music scene in 1983 with her self-titled debut album, she has gone on to sell over 200 million albums.

There is little doubt that Madonna had a heavy influence on the 80s fashion scene. In fact, she created new trends. Early on she wore messy hair with blonde highlights and lace ribbons, bows and headbands. Her arms were adorned with jelly bracelets, stacked bangles and fishnet gloves. She also wore a short skirt over her leggings and religious jewellery in her ears.

Later, Madge introduced us to the Bolero jacket (shrug), bustiers, lace gloves, the "boy toy" belt and a large crucifix necklace. Much to the horror of their parents, teenage girls wanted to copy her look and their bras became outerwear!

Many of today's artists have been heavily influenced by Madonna's iconic costumes, many of which she wore in the 80s and 90s. That infamous gold "Vogue" outfit with the pointed cones and the "Like A Virgin" wedding dress are just two outfits that spring to mind, but, of course, Madge was creating a new look on a regular basis.

Madonna in her Like A Virgin Bride Wedding Outfit