The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats

This video was notable for its medieval imagery, and is one of the most bizarre pop videos to be released during the 80s, although videos were generally more imaginitive back then.

It was filmed in the village of West Kington, near Bath, UK. Ivan Doroschuk is the only member of the band to actually perform in the video. The identity of the blonde girl in the video remains a mystery. The Morris Dance side performing in the video was Chippenham Town Morris dancers from Wiltshire.

Released in the UK in September 1983, and featuring on the album Rhythm Of Youth, the song peaked at No.6 and was the only Top 40 hit for Men Without Hats. However, in Canada the band had six hits, with Pop Goes The World being their biggest, reaching #2 and also reaching #20 in the US.

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