Retro Stuff - Great Gift Ideas!

This picture board will make you feel as though you've just stepped back in time. I'm truly amazed at the recent retro revival, and just how many of the item below we were buying back in the 70s and 80s. Who can forget those Denim aftershave TV ads, or the Brut "splash it all over" ads featuring Britain's favourite boxer boxer Henry Cooper.

Multi-functional digital Casio watches were very popular when I was at secondary school in the early 80s. The more functions on the watch the better, and some even included a mini space invaders game. But for the businessman, you had to have a Databank CD-40 which was the first watch to actually store information. It was truly ahead of its time. However, I still have a soft spot for the unfussy LED watches of the 70s, and I'm really pleased to see that these are available to buy again.


Brut Aftershave
Brut Aftershave
Remember the boxer Henry Cooper telling us to "splash it all over!" back in the 70s? The ad above is a different one for Brut 33 deodorant, and  featured footballer Kevin Keegan. Brut has had a bit of a revival in recent years, and is available as aftershave, deodorant and in gift packs, and there are also new fragrances available called Ocean and Alaska.
Denim Original aftershave by faberge
Denim Original Aftershave
Many ladies will probably remember the sexy guy in the adverts, although his face was never shown. The ad above is from 1979 and is just so 70s! I remember that this stuff had a very refreshing smell, and that original smell is still available to buy today.
Casio 80s Data Bank Calculator Watch
Casio 80s Data Bank Watch
Back in the 80s, calculator watches were the latest must have gadget, and if you had a gold Data Bank then you were probably a YUPPIE! This state-of-the-art watch has a phone book, scheduler, alarm clock and calculator, and believe it or not, it also tells the time! If you always dreamed of owning one of these, but could never afford one, then maybe now is your chance to fulfill that dream as they will no longer break the bank!
70s Dial Telephone in cream
70s Dial Telephone

This is an authentic-looking phone, and looks so much like the one we had back in the 1970's - it even includes a mechanical ringer! However, it also has the advantage of 21st century technology. There are plenty of other designs available, too, including the classic trim phone.


Union Jack Space Hopper
Space Hoppers

How cool is this? As if the original orange space hopper wasn't cool enough, they now come with a Union Jack design! In fact, they come in all sorts of colours and designs these days!

Rainbow Zippy Face Wallet
Rainbow Zippy Compact Bag
Rainbow Zippy Gifts
Fans of the cult 70s/80s kids TV show will love the range of gifts available, featuring the funniest and most well-known character from the show. The picture links above will lead you to a whole array of gifts, including bags, wallets, mugs, DVD's, keyrings and a lot more besides. It seems that the love for this character is stronger than ever!
Morph SPlat Coaster
morpuh and chas book ends
Morph Gifts
Anyone from the UK who grew up in the 70s will remember this guy.  Created by the legendary Tony Hart out of plasticine, Morph stole the show in with his animated antics in Take Hart and Hartbeat. There are lots of great gifts available for fans of the show, and this loveable character appears to be as popular as ever.
Sinclair 48k ZX Spectrum T-Shirt for Ladies
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Sports Bag
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Gifts

This was the most popular 8-bit computer around during the 80s, with around 5 million units being sold between 1982 and 1992. There are plenty of gifts available to celebrate this classic British computer, inc. the neat-looking sports bag above.

Dangermouse T-Shirt
Danger Mouse DVD Box Set
Danger Mouse Gifts
I really miss coming home from school and watching Danger Mouse at tea time. Comic actors David Jason and Terry Scott provided the voices for Danger Mouse and his companion, Penfold. For fans of the show there are gifts galore to help revive those childhood memories.
Look Back on 70s Telly DVD - issue 1
Look-Back on 70s Telly DVDs

These DVD's are fantastic, and each one includes a selection of episodes of British kids TV shows from the 1970's. They're essential viewing if you want to try and rekindle some vague memories, or even show to your own kids! Remember Hartley the Hare in Pipkins and Michael Bentine's Potty Time? There are memories galore on each DVD, and their are four to collect.

Favourite Retro Recipes Book
Retro Recipe Books
It's pretty hard to beat the old fashioned recipes, and no one bakes quite like grandma! For anyone who likes to dabble in the kitchen and would like to bake some childhood favourites, a classic recipe book is the perfect gift idea.


Old Spice original deodorant and aftershave
Old Spice Original
This gift set would make an ideal gift for someone who remembers Old Spice the first time around. It's still available in it's original form, along with a whole new range of deodorants, shower gels and body wash.
Blue Stratos talc
Blue Stratos
Yet another classic smell from the 70s, and the Blue Stratos range remains a popular choice with men who experienced the very refreshing fragrance the first time around.
Retro Steepletone Radio
Vintage style mini radio
Retro Radios
If you know someone who listened to the radio back in the "olden days", then one of these retro style radios would make a lovely gift. There are lots to choose from at Amazon UK, and the hardest part will be deciding just which one to buy!
70s red LED watch
70s Style LED Watch
The first digital watches looked more or less like the one above, with a red LED display. I actually prefer this to the later LCD watches, and they're now a very cool retro product to own, and there are lots to choose from.
Korg Monotron Delay Analog Synth
Korg Monotron Duo Analogue Synth
Korg Analogue Mini Synthesizers
If you've always dreamed of being the next Jean Michel Jarre, then you may like to start out with one of these cool Korg Monotron synths. There are three in the range, and they're all great for experimenting with retro analogue sounds. They are available for under £35 - a bargain, and a great gift idea for a budding musician.
Stylophone Beatbox
Stylophone Beatbox
This electronic beats machine includes MP3 input, and a headphone jack so you don't annoy everyone around you! Includes electro sounds and real beatbox samples, and you can playback loops of what you have played. Of course, the original Stylophone is also still available, along with a mini keyring version that you can actually play!
Smurf Retro Gift - Book Ends
Original Smurfs Retro Gifts
Another favourite from the 70s. I remember smurfs being available through National petrol forecourts here in the UK, but the first smurfs made their debut fifty years ago, apparently! They had a makeover during the noughties, but the original smurfs will always have a place in our hearts. The bookends would make a lovely gift for fans of the characters, both young and old.

Original Rubik's Cube 80s toy
Rubik's Cube T-Shirt
Rubik's Cube Gifts
The World's best-selling puzzle has been a sensational hit ever since it was first launched in 1980. The original style cube is an iconic image of the 80s, and there are now gifts galore based on, or featuring the cube - including the cube itself, of course!
Pac-Man soft toy with sound
Pac-Man Electronic Connect & Play Game
Pac-Man Gifts

Pac-Man was one of the most popular games of the early 1980s, and has remained popular ever since. The range of gifts is huge, including the latest Connect & Play TV Game above, which includes other classic games. Whether it's his smiley face, or the simple accessibility of the game, there's something about this munching maniac that we all seem to adore!

Hong Kong Phooey T-Shirt
Hong Kong Phooey Retro Sports Bag
Hong Kong Phooey Gifts
The number one super guy was a big hit with kids back in the 70s, and the DVD's are now watched by a whole new generation of fans, along with older fans who are now parents, or even grandparents themselves!
Greatest Hits of the 60s - compilation album
70s Pop - compilation CD album
80s The Collection Compilation CD
Retro Compilation Albums
There are many CD's available that are packed with original favourites from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, when music was more memorable and exciting. A great gift idea for anyone who was born in, or lived through these decades and wants to relive their youth. Or maybe you're a youngster who merely wants to find out what we were all listening to back in the day.