Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (1984)

Remember this platform game? It was released in 1984 by Datasoft for the Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64 and Apple II home computers. The video clip above features the colourful Atari XL/XE version.

I was a huge fan of platform games in the 80s, and this one had a particularly good built-in level editor. The idea was to control a humanoid robot through a factory full of nasties, ladders, tricky conveyor belts and suspended platforms.

C64 Version

The Commodore and Atari 8-bit versions are actually pretty similar in terms of both graphics and playability. However, I think the Atari game looks more colourful and sounds better, but if you're a C64 fan then you'll probably beg to differ. Unfortunately, the uploader removed the only video featuring footage of this version, and so I am now unable to display it on this site - sorry!

Apple II Version

As you can see in the video in the playlist at the top of the page, the Apple II version of Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory is different in many ways. The sound is totally different and doesn't quite have the depth of the Atari version which has the benefit of the POKEY sound chip. It also doesn't appear to play as smoothly as either the C64 or Atari versions - see what you think!

Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory - Apple II title screen