Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie (1983)

Musical Youth were a British reggae band who had six Top 40 singles in the 1980's, between 1982 and 1984.

Pass The Dutchie (UK #1, US #10),  Youth of Today (UK #13), Never Gonna Give You Up (UK #6), Tell Me Why (UK #33), 007 (UK #26) and Sixteen (UK 23).

The band's biggest hit was, of course, Pass The Dutchie which reached #1 in the UK for three weeks from October 2nd 1983. The song made #10 in the US, which was their only US Top 40 hit.

The 80s band's only successful album was The Youth of Today which peaked at #24 in the boys home country, but also reached #23 in the US.

The brothers also sang on Donna Summer's 1983 hit single Unconditional Love.

Musical Youth were active between 1979 and 1985 before they split-up after Dennis Seaton left the band. Sadly, in 1993 band member Patrick Waite died from an hereditary heart condition.

However, the band reformed again in the early Noughties, although by 2005 there were just two members left - Michael Grant and Dennis Seaton.

Youth of Today

This is Real "feel good" music (actually, all of their songs are come to think of it!) and this was the lads second single release, and also the title track from the album. It peaked at #13 in the UK.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Not to be confused with the Rick Astley hit, this was Musical Youth's third single release and second-biggest hit, reaching #6 in the UK singles charts.

Tell Me Why

The band's fourth 80's hit, Tell Me Why,  peaked at #33 in the UK singles chart.


Here the band are looking all grown-up dressed as James Bond and performing their fifth single on the BBC's Top Of The Pops (UK). The song peaked at #26.  


This video features a BBC Top Of The Pops UK performance of Musical Youth's sixth and last hit single which reached #23 in the UK. Check out the TOTP intro music and DJ's David "Kid" Jensen and John Peel.