New Order

New Order formed in 1980, following the demise of Joy Division and the death of lead singer Ian Curtis. The post-punk/electro sound gave New Order much critical acclaim. The 1983 hit single "Blue Monday" became the best-selling 12" of all time.

The second album "Power, Corruption & Lies" had a truly electro/synth-based sound and was one of my favourite eighties albums.

My two favourite New Order tracks are "Blue Monday" (the original version) and "True Faith". If I remember rightly, I bought the 7" single (the cover has a gold leaf on a blue background) and still have it lying around somewhere!. Unfortunately, I don't have a record player anymore! Still, it's much easier to just listen to it on my MP3 player, although you just can't beat sticking the needle on a record - I loved the vinyl format.


Movement (1981)

Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)

Loe-Life (1985)

Brotherhood (1986)

Technique (1989)

Republic (1993)

Get Ready (2001)

Waiting For The Siren's Call (2005)

Temptation (1982)

Released on May 10th 1982, this was the band's fourth consecutive non-album single and reached #29 here in the UK. Interestingly, the single sleeve does not feature either the band's name or the title of the song. 

New Order Tempation single sleeve front
The vinyl single cover for "Temptation"
True Faith (1987)

This track from was produced by Stephen Hague, and was the first single since their debut Ceremony to be issued in the UK as two separate 12" singles. The second 12" single features two remixes of True Faith by Shep Pettibone. Both versions of the 12" (and also the edited 7") also include the song 1963.

True Faith peaked at No.4 in the UK and also reached #3 in the U.S. Hot Dance Club Songs chart. I still have the 7" vinyl gathering dust in a box, as I now have nothing to play it on. Hmm, need to get a record deck!

This song and Blue Monday (1983) are my favourite New Order tracks, and the latter became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time.

By the way, was this the first video to feature happy slapping? It gets my vote for being one of the strangest videos of the 80s, that's for sure!

Blue Monday (Original Version)

This classic electro/dance track was recorded in 1982, released as a single in 1983 and later remixed in 1988 and 1995. It became the biggest-selling 12" single ever released in the UK. Listen to the very inventive Matt Pop's Red Tuesday Remix of Blue Monday at my 80s Remix blog.

New Order Blue Monday - Single sleeve front
Blue Monday 7" vinyl sleeve front
New Order - Confusion

This was the follow-up to the massive 80's electro club hit Blue Monday, and was produced by influential New York DJ, Arthur Baker. The song was released as a stand-alone single and reached #12 in the UK in 1983.

Touched By The Hand Of God (1987)

The song had originally appeared on the soundtrack to the film Salvation! and the version released as a single in December 1987 was remixed by New York DJ, Arthur Baker.

New Order - Touched By The Hand Of God single sleeve
Touched By The Hand Of God vinyl sleeve