80s Nostalgia 

Memories from your Childhood


Dig out your flared trousers and jump on your chopper bike for a trip back down memory lane
An amusing look back at school life in the 70s and 80s with subjects including teachers, the tuck shop, the lunchbox, school dinners, P.E. lessons, the pencil case and more.

Here we take a look back at the main news events in each year of the 1980's. Plus, a list of popular films for each year.

Take a gander at these annuals for boys and girls from 1980 and see how many you can remember.

Take a trip down memory lane with all the posts from my Tumblr blog, which can be accessed without leaving the Simply Eighties site. The 80s Heaven blog features photos of everything 80s, including magazine front covers, music, gadgets, movie posters and more!

I have selected only the very best stations to include on this page, and all of them are playing only music from the past!

Here you will find a selection of the most memorable music videos from the 90s including Maria McKee, They Might Be Giants, Ricky Martin and many more besides.
Of course, there were no apps around in the eighties, but here you can download lots of retro themed apps - many are free. Includes old games, tv game shows, 80s trivia and more.
A look back at the very best English goalkeepers from the 80s including Ray Clemence, Peter Shilton and Jimmy Rimmer.
There are lots of photos of old calculators to enjoy on this page including Hewlett Packard, Sharp, Sinclair and Commodore - yes, they made calculators, too!

Using photos and video clips, here you will find the car that your parents used to drive, or maybe you drove yourself. Including many 70s and 80s rust buckets!

A look back at TV, Film and Music stars from the 80s. Are they still alive, and if so, what are they up to now? Do you know what happened to Living In A Box?

On this page you'll find old TV ads and photos featuring many retro favourities such as Topic, Milky Bar, Yorkie, Fry's Plain Sandwich, Cadbury's Picnic etc.

Which computer or games console did you own in the 80s? Includes Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, MSX and more!

Read reviews of old 8-bit games and Android remakes. Plus, play online 80s games for free!

You're sure to remember some of these sweets and chocolate bars from the eighties. Includes picture, video clips and the opportunity to buy these classic sweets once again.

Virtually every town had one back in the 70s and 80s and you may remember the yellow pack budget range.
Potato Waffles, Smith's Salt 'n' Shake, Top Deck Shandy, Space 1999 Ice Lolly and many more snacks from the eighties features on this page. You'll find lots of videos, pics and info to help bring the memories flooding back.
Just like today, some gadgets were far more useful than others, but what gadgets were we all using in the eighties?
Take a look back at the TV Times for kids which was very popular throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Nearly everyone sported a mullet back in the 80s didn't they? Well, maybe not, but those who did are regretting it now! Check out the ghastly hair style photos and video clips!

This pop magazine was Smash Hits main rival, and many would argue that it was the better of the two.
We all had a poster or two on our bedroom wall back in the day. Have a gander at this lot and transport yourself back to your teen years once again!

A look back at the most popular football magazine of the 70s and 80s.

The high street looked very different back in the 80s. What were we all buying and where did we buy it from?

What an exciting time for new technology! Here we take a look back at the electronic wizardry that was changing the way we lived our lives.

A real trip down memory lane! Here we look back at the best and worst toys from the 70s and 80s, including video clips and photos. How many of these do you remember?

70s and 80s toys that are still going strong. There are two pages featuring lots of photos of the original toys including Mousetrap, Barbie, Meccano, Ker-Plunk and oodles more!
These are the really old, classic wooden and metal toys and games that we used to play with which are still available to buy today.
Another page packed with old toys including Corgi and Dinky cars, Fisher Price Airport, Sunreed Reed Organ and much more.
Take a look back at some old issues of this popular magazine for women (and nosey men) from the 70s and 80s.


Photo Credit: Kekka
Currys TV Advert from the 80s
It's interesting to see that the prices of many of these items are roughly the same as they are today. However, although electrical items are cheaper to buy today with our higher wages, it's the cost of everything else that is now a problem - it used to cost me around £1 to fill my moped up with fuel back then and that would last me the week!
Woolworths Christmas TV Ad from 1981
Now this clip is packed with nostalgia - how I miss Woolworths!  I suppose this ad seems a bit cheesy now, but Bill Oddie and Tim-Brooke Taylor are not taking themselves too seriously. I'd completely forgotten about the Pickwick records that they used to sell, and watch out for the hi-fi unit, carriage clock, and Bontempi organ - great memories!
Bontempi - Yard Sale, Sackets Harbor, NY




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