Pictures of Vintage Toys
There are already several pages featuring old toys on this website which have already reached their full capacity - links to these can be found in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page if you're viewing in mobile format. 

Therefore, I decided to create this new page to display the many photos I've collected of old, vintage toys. They're not all 80s toys, and many of them were built in the 60s and 70s, but there will be many of you that will have been given these toys to play with by your parents and grandparents because they no longer had a use for them, or simply wanted to see the same delight that they experienced etched onto another child's face.
Sunreed Sunrise Reed Fan Organ for Kids
As a child, this would have gained my attention straight away with its 27 multi-coloured keys. It's a battery operated Sunreed Sunrise reed fan organ from the 1960s, and it actually sounds half decent. You can listen to the smaller 24 key model in the video clip above. I actually prefer the sound of this to the red, bleepy electronic Stylophone style organ I received one Christmas morning during the 1970s.
Playing a Sunreed Organ
Magic Roundabout Xylophone Toy
Magic Roundabout Toy Xylophone (1960s)
I do remember playing with a colourful, multi-coloured xylophone in my own childhood, although I'm pretty sure it didn't have a Magic Roundabout theme. I always enjoyed the TV animations
Womble Toy Car
Plastic Womble Toy Car
Dinky Toys Austin Princess 2200HL Saloon 1970s

Dinky Toys Austin Princess 2200HL Saloon (1970s) 

Michelin Tyres Man Push Button Toy

There were hundreds of these push button toys around when I was a kid. Whenever you pressed the button at the base of the toy, the character would suddenly start wobbling around like it been on a heavy drinking session! I never had a Michelin Man toy, but I had a giraffe if I remember correctly.

Corgi British Gas Van Toy 1980s

Corgi British Gas Van Toy (1980s) 

1970s Fisher Price Folding Airport Toy

Fisher Price Folding Airport from the 1970s 

Science Fair Crystal Radio Kit
Vintage Science Fair Crystal Radio Kit
Tomy Lights Alive Toy 1980s

Tomy Lights Alive was an interesting light art toy from the 80s aimed at younger children. Using the provided tools, you could press down the holes on the board to reveal the led light bulbs and make different shapes to create an entire picture. There was also a dial which could be used to alter the colours. 

1980s Care Bears Soft Toy

80s Care Bear Cuddly Toy 

Popples Plush Toys from the 1980s

Popples Plush Toys (1980s) 

Raving Bonkers fighting robots toy (1970s)

Raving Bonkers by Marx (Rock 'em Sock'em Robots in the U.S.)

This toy was a lot of fun and my friends were always asking me to dig this out of the toy cupboard back in the 70s. Using buttons on two joysticks, you had to aim for your opponents chin to try and knock his head upwards. I remember that when hit with sufficient force, the loser's head would shoot upwards and make a noise a bit like a football rattle - remember them?