Pseudo Echo - Funky Town (1987)

In 1987 (I have the record in my hand, so I definitely know this was a 1987 single), Funky Town was covered by Australian band Psuedo Echo, who gave the song a different eighties rock sound, with a guitar solo in the middle. The lead synth sound, however, was pretty dreadful - see what you think in the video above!

Pseudo Echo's version reached No.8 on the UK, but spent seven weeks at number one in Australia, while Lipps Inc's electro version was No.1 for only two weeks in Australia.

For both Lipps Inc. and Psuedo Echo, these were both one hit wonders in the UK.
Pseudo Echo - Listening (1983)

This was the 80's band's debut single and it featured on their first album Autumnal Park which was influenced very much by Ultravox. Other singles on the album (released in Australia) were Stranger in Me, Dancing Till Midnight and A Beat for You.

A Beat For You (1983)

This was a big hit in the band's native country of Australia, where they had a number of chart-topping hits. A Beat For You was the band's second single release and the follow-up to their debut single Listening. Pseudo Echo went on to become Australia's second-biggest band after INXS.

Don't Go (1985)


Pseudo Echo - Hits And More - 1983-2012
Pseudo Echo - Hits And More

This new compilation album from the Australian band was released on June 1st 2013, and includes 19 tracks including a live version of "Funky Town".