Retro Gaming T-Shirt Ideas

These T-shirts are ideal for both older 8-bit gaming fans (like me!) and a new generation of gamers who like to wear cool, retro designs. All the favourites are here from Atari to ZX Spectrum!
Many retro gamer T-shirts do not appear in one search at popular sites such as Amazon and Zazzle, and sometimes can only be discovered by typing in phrases such as "Commodore T-shirts", "Space Invaders Tees" or "Old School Joystick T-shirts" etc. 

We've spent many days bringing together all of the best tees from hours of searching, saving you the headache of finding them all.

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Ladies Pink Bubble Bobble T-shirt
Ladies Cute Bubble Bobble Retro Arcade Game T-shirt

A top quality tee made from 200gsm heavy cotton featuring the bubble dragons from the classic 80s video game. Available in a range of colours.
Bubble Bobble T-shirt
Bubble Bobble T-shirt (for men and women)

This popular arcade platformer was released in 1986 by Japanese game developer Taito and, uniquely at the time, the game featured multiple endings. This is a high quality T-shirt featuring the start screen from the game.


Pac-Man meets the Daleks T-shirt

What a clever idea turning the ghosts into daleks, and this funny tee is proving to be very popular. It is, of course, ideal for fans of both the Pac-Man arcade game and Dr. Who.
Tetris Loveheart T-shirt for Men or Women

A clever heart design features on this premium quality, retro Tetris themed tee which is also available for men.

Atari Logo T-Shirts

This classic and well-recognised Atari logo is printed onto a wide range of tees which are available in many colours and styles, with many of them priced under £10.
Commodore 64 T-shirts

There are several cool retro designs relating to the C64 available, with prices starting at well under £10.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum T-Shirt for Men

A very cool, official-looking retro design and a must-have for any Speccy fan. Available in black or white for sizes Small to XXX-Large.
Horace Goes Skiing T-Shirt

Now, this is a real blast from the past. Anyone who enjoyed playing the Horace series of games back in the 1980s will recognise this character. 100% cotton T-shirt available in all sizes.
Mega Man Nintendo Gamer T-shirt (6 colours)

This robot character made his first appearance in 1987 on the NES and the complete series of games has now sold close to a whopping 30 million units! This premium quality soft tee is available in six colours.

Frogger 80s Adult Gamer T-shirt

I well remember playing this classic arcade game on my Atari 800Xl back in the day, and it came on an instant-loading ROM cartridge. This high quality T-shirt from SomethingGeeky is perfect for celebrating these early gaming days.

Ghosts N' Goblins T-shirt

The classic sideways scroller platform game from Capcom first hit the arcades in 1985, before becoming a classic on the NES and then the C64. This tee is officially licensed.

International Karate T-shirt (four colours)

This classic fighting game by System 3 became popular on the Atari 8-bits and C64 in 1986, and featured awesome background scenery and music by the legendary Rob Hubbard. Remind yourself of wasting too many hours playing the 8-bit game with this splendid T-shirt by Refugeek Tees.

The Last Ninja Gaming T-Shirt

This action martial-arts game was originally released for the C64 back in 1987, before being ported to other systems. A very official-looking T-shirt which features the design from the cover art of the game box. Available for sizes Small to XXL.
Manic Miner Retro Gaming T-Shirt

This Refugeek T-shirt featuring miner Willy is is available in four colours, and is the ideal gift for any 80s ZX Spectrum gaming fan. Plus, see more designs using the second link below.
Official Atari Centipede T-shirt

It was 1981 when this shoot-em-up was released into the arcades, and I remember playing this at a motorway service area with a friend on the way to Weston Super Mare. This official tee is ideal for retro gaming and Atari fans.

Official Nintendo Mario T-shirt
Super Mario Bros T-shirt

A low-cost, official retro Nintendo gamer T-shirt which is available in grey or yellow. See more Mario Tees

Super Mario Bros Logo T-shirts

These new design tees are currently highly popular and ideal for wearing to gaming conventions etc.


Pac-Man and Ghosts Crossing Abbey Road T-shirt

Now, this is a clever design idea and a retro T-shirt doesn't get much more cooler than this! Officially licensed and 100% cotton.

Pac-Man Ghost DJ T-Shirt

A humourous design which is sure to be welcomed by just about any gamer. Sizes S to XXL available in black.
Cookie Monster Pac-Man T-Shirt

Combining the Sesame Street character with Pac-Man, now that's a neat idea! Professionally printed for sizes Small to XXL.
Official Pac-Man Ghost T-shirt

Do you remember the orange ghosts's name? Well, he was called Pokey and his nickname was "Clyde". Whatever you want to call him, you can wear him on your chest in celebration of the classic eighties maze game.

Space Invaders T-Shirt

Can there be anyone on the planet who hasn't heard of this iconic game? This popular design is available for sizes Large to XXL.
Space Invader T-Shirt

A simple, clean retro design that is proving to be a very popular choice on this page. Nice price, too!

Space Invaders Monster T-Shirt

This is, of course, the monster invader that appeared on the cabinets of the arcade game back in the 80s. A fab design printed on premium jersey cotton.
Official Sonic The Hedgehog Distressed Design T-Shirt (Unisex)

This official tee is a must-have for any Sonic fan and is available for sizes Small to XX-Large.
Asteroids T-Shirt

Another arcade classic by Atari which was launched way back in 1979. This is a quality T-shirt from Refugeek Tees available in sizes from small to XXX-large and a choice of colours.

Robotron T-shirt

Robotron 2084 was a very popular and critically acclaimed 1982 arcade game - certainly one of the best games of the year. This high T-shirt is available for both men and women.


Official Joust T-shirt

Joust was a classic arcade platform game (1982) in which you controlled a knight flying on an ostrich. This official tee will allow you to celebrate the golden days of gaming once more.