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Be warned! The following pages will make you feel as though you've just stepped back in time.

Fun retro and vintage gifts now appear to be more popular than ever, and here you will find an array of memory-jogging items that we were buying back in the day, and are available to buy once again. Some products have never gone away, others have been relaunched and some are brand new, but with a retro twist.

If you're stuck for an original present idea then this section should help to inspire you to find something fun and quirky, and there's something for everyone!

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Looking for a quirky gift idea? Then feast your eyes on this lot!
Nostalgia Books

A book is always an excellent choice for a gift and is often the most appreciated. You will find a wide range of publications in our Nostalgia Books section featuring fiction, non-fiction, 70s, 80s, 90s, quiz books, gaming, computers, politics and much more. There's something for everyone...

Retro Sweets Hampers and Jars

Who wouldn't be delighted to receive a gift box bursting with retro sweets?  Virtually everyone likes a sweet treat, especially those with a retro flavour that remind you of your childhood. There are dozens of retro hampers and jars available from confectionary suppliers at Amazon. Alternatively, you will find lots of ideas for individual (loose) traditional sweets on our 80s Sweets and Chocolate page.

Retro Mug

A mug is a pretty safe bet for a gift. However, if you want something a little quirky, then you'll find lots of fabulous ideas in our retro mugs section...

Retro Mugs filled with Classic Sweets

Why not give someone you love two gifts in one? You may remember receiving an easter egg in a mug as a child. Well, these retro-themed mugs filled with classic sweets are ideal for birthdays and Christmas, too, and there are oodles to choose from. My personal favourite is the VW Camper Van mug...

Retro DVDs

There's a DVD for everyone in our Retro DVD section which is bursting with ideas. Categories include Classic Kids TV, Classic British Drama, 70s and 80s Sci-Fi, Classic British Comedy and Christmas Comedy DVDs. 

Snow Globe

I remember my Gran having one of these in the 1970s. Each time I visited her, the first thing I did was to shake her snow dome - I was always mesmerised by the snow storm inside and wondered how it worked. There are literally hundreds of these available at Amazon, including Disney, My Little Pony and, of course, Christmas themes.

Retro Cassette Player Biscuit Tin

Yes, this really is a biscuit tin and it looks just like the cassette player I had as a kid! It's also filled with gorgeous ginger and honey biscuits. 

Retro TV Photo Frame

Designed to look like an old 1970s TV set, this is a very quirky and fun gift idea. There are a number of designs to choose from at Amazon.

Mr.Tea - Tea for One

A fantastic gift idea! Officially licensed, high quality dishwasher and microwave safe Mr. Tea (Mr T) teapot and cup. 

Seiko Pyramid Speaking Clock

Originally launched in 1984, this was the very first speaking clock. Over three decades later, and this updated and relaunched clock is, once again, a popular and stylish niche item. If you want to give someone an ultra cool retro gift then this certainly fits the bill. 

Blue Peter Badge

Back in the day, almost every kid wanted one of these! Sadly, most of us never had the opportunity to receive one. However, you can now fulfil your dream (or someone else's) with this authentic pin badge which has been made in the UK. Ideal as an extra stocking filler/birthday gift.

Mr Benn Socks in a Gift Box

It's doubtful that the wearer of these socks will suddenly find themselves walking into the nearest fancy dress shop, to be transported through a magic door and go on an adventure. But there a fun gift idea, nonetheless, and an ideal gift idea for Mr Benn fans. 

Camper Van Filled With Shortbread Biscuits

Made in the UK this is a delightful gift featuring a classic Type 2 camper van filled with 200g of delicious mini shortbread biscuits.
Ivor The Engine Board Game

A delightful strategy game for 3-5 players based on the classic animated series. Players must clear flocks of wooden sheep pieces ('sheeples') that are stopping Ivor from doing his work to score points, then familiar jobs from the classic stories can be completed for even more points.
Clangers, Bagpuss and Ivor The Engine DVD Boxset

Transport yourself back to simpler times with this nostalgic, three-disc compendium of three classic British children's TV programmes made by Oliver Postgate's Smallfilms company.

Blow Football Table Top Game

Who remembers playing this back in the day? The idea is to use your straw to blow the ball into the back of the net. Good, old-fashioned British family fun for up to six players.

Turntable Kitchen Timer

A neat little timer and a fun gift idea for anyone who regularly burns their food! Spin the record to set the time and chef will be cooking-up a Masterchef style meal fit for a king - well, maybe not, but they're less likely to burn it, at least!

Hand-held LCD Tetris Brick Game

The first hand-held games appeared in the 1970s and they became hugely popular during the 80s. In 1989, Tetris for the Nintendo Gameboy became one of the most popular

Tetris Tetrimino Light

This funky light comes in seven separate pieces and can be built in almost endless combinations.Just plug in the main tetrimino lamp and the rest will light up when added to it! A clever idea this would make for a unique gift.

Pac-Man Ghost Sours - Cherry

Now, this is a sweet idea.  A quirky and fun gift idea. Tiny, cherry flavoured candy sours in the shape of the Pac-Man ghost packed into a tin.


Cassette Tape Dispenser and Desk Tidy

Now, this is a clever idea and an ideal gift for anyone who lived through the 1980s. Includes a roll of easy-to-replace sticky tape - available in blue or black.

Dr. Who Tardis Sports Bag

As a huge fan of Tom Baker, I would have given anything for one of these back in the 70s. This is a must have gift for all Who fans young and old!

Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Box
Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Set

I was taught calligraphy at primary school back in the 1970s, and the art of writing seems to have disappeared in our modern digital age. That's a shame because writing with pen and ink is very rewarding and therapeutic. This wonderfully nostalgic calligraphy set will allow you (or the recipient) to relive their childhood and rediscover the joy of writing.

Traditional Mechanical Alarm Clock
Traditional Alarm Clock

Remember the days when alarm clocks were simple and didn't require batteries or electric to work? This is a mechanical wind-up alarm clock which has an old-fashioned tick tock sound, and you can use it anywhere without worrying about sockets, leads, charging or running out of batteries. Ideal for camping and a lovely gift idea.

Earth Invaders Money Bank - play and save!

This is a clever idea. Each time you you put your money in you can play two minutes of the retro invaders game. Now, that's a real enticement to save money!

TV Test Card Watch
TV Test Card Watches
Now, here's a watch idea that's a little different. They feature the old CRT TV test card as a background  There are numerosu other designs and colours available should the pink or blue not be your liking.
My Little Pony Mug
My Little Pony Mug
This boxed porcelain mug features the original 80s logo design and would make a lovely gift idea for both Mum's and daughters. A T-shirt featuring the same retro logo is also available...
Cassette Worktop Saver / Chopping Board
Here's a quirky gift idea! This very 80s worktop saver would make a great conversation starter in any kitchen. It's made from toughened glass and has a stain-resistant surface.
Record Player Glass Worktop Saver

Not only is this chopping board a fun and quirky gift idea, it's also stain resistant and made from high quality toughened glass and carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage. A fab gift idea and a great talking point in the kitchen.

Retro Vinyl Drink Coasters

A set of six coasters which would make the perfect gift for vinyl lovers. These drinks coasters would also be ideal for retro-themed parties and events.

Wooden Rubber Band Shooter Gun
Visit our Wooden and Metal Toys page
Wooden Rubber Band Shooter

Many decades ago a lot of toys used to be made from good, old-fashioned wood, and this one is made from 100% replenishable wood. This retro shooter is a fun gift for kids and adults alike and comes with rubber bands. An ideal stocking filler.

Cadbury's Retro Storage Tin
Do you remember all of those 70s chocolate bar wrappers? I certainly do (yes, I'm that old!) and this nostalgic cake/storage tin would make a lovely gift for parents and grandparents.
Old Spice Original
This gift set would make an ideal gift for someone who remembers Old Spice the first time around. It's still available in it's original form, along with a whole new range of deodorants, shower gels and body wash.
Denim Original Aftershave
Many ladies will probably remember the sexy guy in the adverts, although his face was never shown.  I remember that this stuff had a very refreshing smell, and that original smell is still available to buy today, along with many new variations.
Blue Stratos
Yet another classic smell from the 70s, and the Blue Stratos range remains a popular choice with men who experienced the very refreshing fragrance the first time around.
Brut Aftershave
Remember the boxer Henry Cooper telling us to "splash it all over!" back in the 70s? Another ad for Brut 33 deodorant featured footballer Kevin Keegan. Brut has had a bit of a revival in recent years, and is available as aftershave, deodorant and in gift packs, and there are also new fragrances available called Ocean and Alaska.
Casio 80s Data Bank Watch
Back in the 80s calculator watches were the latest must have gadget, and if you had a gold Data Bank then you were probably a YUPPIE! This state-of-the-art watch has a phone book, scheduler, alarm clock and calculator, and believe it or not, it also tells the time! If you always dreamed of owning one of these, but could never afford one, then maybe now is your chance to fulfill that dream as they will no longer break the bank!
Vintage Microphone Shower Head

This will fit onto all standard shower hoses and is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to sing in the shower! Please note that this is not a real microphone, but it's certainly a fun and quirky gift idea.
Retro Radios
If you know someone who listened to the radio back in the "olden days", then one of these retro style radios would make a lovely gift. There are lots to choose from at Amazon UK, and the hardest part will be deciding just which one to buy!
70s Style Trim Phone
Retro 70s Dial and Trim Telephones

These are authentic-looking phones which look so much like the ones we all had back in the 1970's - many also include a mechanical ringer! However, thjey also has the advantage of 21st century technology. As well as the the classic trim and BT style phones shown here there are plenty of other designs and colours available, too.

Marvel Comics Pencil Case

Can there be any male who hasn't read a Marvel comic at some point in his life? I was a Spider-Man fan, and this officially licensed pencil case features a whole array of super heroes and is also filled with pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener and notepad. Now, if only this pencil case had been around when I was a lad!

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