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The following section will make you feel as though you've just stepped back in time!

Fun retro and vintage gifts now appear to be more popular than ever, and here you will find an array of memory-jogging items that we were buying back in the day, and are available to buy once again. Some products have never gone away, others have been relaunched and some are brand new, but with a retro twist.

If you're stuck for an original present idea then this section should help to inspire you to find something fun and quirky, and there's something for everyone!


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A book is always an excellent choice for a gift and is often the most appreciated. You will find a wide range of publications in our Nostalgia Books section featuring fiction, non-fiction, 70s, 80s, 90s, quiz books, gaming, computers, politics and much more. There's something for everyone...


The latest book craze sweeping the nation comes in the form of a new range of amusing, retro style Ladybird books for grown-ups. They're hilarious, and we have all the latest titles, as well as the brand new Enid Blyton books for adults released in October 2016. 


Who wouldn't be delighted to receive a gift box bursting with retro sweets?  Virtually everyone likes a sweet treat, especially those with a retro flavour that remind you of your childhood. There are dozens of retro hampers and jars available from confectionary suppliers at Amazon. Alternatively, you will find lots of ideas for individual (loose) traditional sweets on our 80s Sweets and Chocolate page.


A mug is a pretty safe bet for a gift. However, if you want something a little quirky, then you'll find lots of fabulous ideas in our retro mugs section...


Why not give someone you love two gifts in one? You may remember receiving an easter egg in a mug as a child. Well, these retro-themed mugs filled with classic sweets are ideal for birthdays and Christmas, too, and there are oodles to choose from. My personal favourite is the VW Camper Van mug...


There's a DVD for everyone in our Retro DVD section which is bursting with ideas. Categories include Classic Kids TV, Classic British Drama, 70s and 80s Sci-Fi, Classic British Comedy and Christmas Comedy DVDs.