70s and 80s Mugs
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Another selection of top quality retro style tea and coffee mugs. We've hand-picked the best mugs with a retro theme from the lowest-priced suppliers on Amazon UK.
70s Space Hopper Mug


Doctor Who Tardis Mug

Fans of the timelord will love this one, but tell them to drink their beverage quickly before it disappears into time and space!
Ooh Stop Messing About! Mug

Featuring the hilariously camp Kenneth Williams from the Carry On movies. A fun, retro gift idea.
Zebedee Magic Roundabout Mug
Zebedee Mug

The crazy springy character from The Magic Roundabout features on this licensed, boxed mug.
My Little Pony 80s Mug
My Little Pony Mug

100% official boxed mug. A cute mug which will put a smile on any MLP fan's face.
Retro Wall's Ice Cream Mug

This enamel mug is ideal for outdoor use such as camping and features lots of classic ice lolly's.


Vintage Hot Chocolate Mug

Produced by Martin Wiscombe Stoneware, this mug has an impressive retro style design.
Liquorice Allsorts Mug

Another excellent design from Martin Wiscombe Stoneware which includes the words "Mrs Brambles Sweet Shop".
Retro Marmite Mug
Marmite Mug

This 300ml mug is made from high quality porcelain. The design is by Joanna Burdett who won a Royal College Of Art competition.
Barrats Sherbert Fountain Mug
Barratt's Sherbert Fountain Mug

This hand painted ceramic mug includes three tubes of the retro classic Sherbert Fountain.

Swizzels Drumstick Sweets Mug

A fab-looking, hand-painted mug filled with mini drumstick chew bars.
Swizzels Love Hearts Mug
Love Hearts Sweets Mug

This gift boxed mug includes 63g of the classic, fizzy sweets. Give one to the one you love today!
Cadbury's Retro Wrappers Mug

An officially licensed retro mug in a matching gift box. Features lots of images of favourite retro chocolate bars.
Cadbury Chocolate Chunk Mug

This gift boxed mug would make for a very novel gift idea and is perfect for filling with delicious hot chocolate before bedtime.
Retro Curly Wurly Mug

Curly Wurly's really were just 3p back in the 1970s! This is an official Cadbury's  mug 

Ghettoblaster Mug

Perfect for 80s fans, this licensed boombox style mug comes in a gift box.
Diff'rent Stroles Arnold Mug
Watchoo Talkin' Bout Willis Mug

A top quality mug featuring Arnold and his catchphrase from the retro comedy show Diff'rent Strokes.
Retro Apple Logo Mug
Retro Apple Logo Mug

A beautifully printed mug with an exclusive classic Apple Computer logo design,
Pink Floyd Mug

An official Dark Side Of The Moon album sleeve design which is perfect for any Floyd fan.
Rolling Stones Tongue Mug

Feauturing the classic tongue icon this is a top quality, gift boxed mug which is dishwasher safe.
Sex Pistols Mug

Featuring the  God Save The Queen design from the best-selling single and T-Shirt.
Keep Calm And Watch Star Trek Mug

A nice gift idea for Trekkies, this mug is exclusive to The Victorian Printing Company.
Personalised Camper Van Mug

A lovely purple camper van design which can feature anyone's name on the license plate.

Top Gun Mug

A top quality mug in a matching gift box. Ideal for 80s movie fans or anyone who you think is a top gun!
Star Wars Mug filled with Retro Sweets
Star Wars Retro Sweets Mug

A unique, nostalgic gift idea which will especially please fans of the original 70s movie.