Mugs Filled with Retro Sweets (Two Gifts in One!)
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On this page you will find a wide variety of retro and vintage themed mugs which are packed with nostalgic sweets. These mugs are ideal for giving as a present to someone who has lived through or was born in the seventies or eighties.
dangermouse mug with sweets



Muppets Animal  


Pigeon Street 


Dastardly & Muttley 



Cookie Monster 


ZX Spectrum 


Rubik's Cube


Looney Tunes
Superman Logo


Union Jack


Wonder Woman 



Muppets Kermit 


Muppets Fozzie Bear 


Dangermouse Characters 


Count Duckula 


80s Child  


The Empire Strikes Back


Ghostbusters Slime


Only Fools and Horses


Del Boy


Ska/Mod/2 Tone 


1980s Boys Toys 








Top Cat


Miss Piggy


Captain Caveman



60s Mod


Mr. T - The A Team


The Goonies 


Rainbow Zippy 



Dangermouse Logo 


Raleigh Chopper 


Hong Kong Phooey 



BMX Burner 


Star Wars Storm Trooper


Drumstick Lollies